“Hillary Does Vancouver”

This incredibly life like documentary starring Hillary Clinton exposes all. A modern day triumph sequel to “Debbie Does Dallas”. It is a modernized and millennial style epic with no nudity, no sex and no sin that I can think of.

Clinton plays herself masterfully. The nuances in hair style and colour grips your inner feminist. The fashion symbolism is striking. Firm and boardroom crashes with the voluptuous beauties of the Renaissance. You are propelled into self adoration as you leave the auditorium. All you can muster in thought as you are walking home is the iconic and timeless. “I AM WOMAN! HEAR ME ROAR!

You are so enthralled that you think to yourself “How can I possibly sleep?” And with reason! The energy and creativity blew your mind away. So you decide on a nightcap.

All of a sudden while sipping on your 14 year old McCallum [a DAMN GOOD SCOTCH YUMMY] you get the urge to look up Katy Perry in YouTube. And without thinking you click on , yup you got it! The video for “ROAR”.

The next day you find yourself waking up at 6am for your crummy job hungover and thinking “WHOA! That was one heck of a dream!”. And then you realize OMG I’m going to be the Front Desk manager at the The Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver in September!!!

Your mind bending, your little hairs all standing at attention you enter a skytrain looking like a drone akin to Orwell’s “1984". You arrive downtown an hour later and enter your cube and start your day.

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the New World Order.

It must be that cause the mainstream media did not cover that tawdry little piece of nothingness back in September 2015.

Even with Pope Francis [the first EVER Jesuit Pope] presenting the keynote address to the UN Conference on sustainability to the year 2030 did it make any headlines of any “importance”.

You would think a historic agreement constituting 32 pages of HOW ALL OF YOU will be living like in 14 years would be something the populace would want to know… Right? The mainstream media apparently does not agree with that truly underhanded strike of genius by the 0.1% “Elite”.

Do yourselves a favour. A gift if you will to your critical thinking skills and google that one. It’s a humdinger. Make sure to read between the lines. It is the birth of a One World Government, One World Policing/Military and a One World Religion.

Don’t believe me? That’s ok cause the sequels will be coming fast and furiously. The first sequel has already hatched. It’s like the Bible “A Done Deal”.

That’s right my dear friends! “The Safer Cities Initiative” [btw Vancouver is in the first lineup of “chosen” cities worldwide] is a tentacle of the Mother Ship. Managed by the overarching “One World Policing/Military”

Still don’t believe me? Look it up! And the Elite have balls let me tell you because guess what? The SECOND SEQUEL is already signed sealed and delivered. THE CONTROL OF OUR OCEANS DISGUISED as “protection” of sensitive marine “areas of concern” LOOK AT THE MAP. it covers at least 50% of the planets oceans.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the only entity permitted development in those “sensitive” areas is the United Nations? Yup and under what consideration? THE RIGHT TO THE MINERALS BELOW THE OCEAN FLOOR. HELLO SHEEPLE! That’s industry language for “get out of the way buddy, it’s DRILL BABY DRILL! Black gold. OIL.”

OIL. The only substance you can honestly feel deep down in your gut that has given rise to the greatest empire the world has ever seen. You could safely argue that YOU are alive because of it. Proof? World population prior to the discovery of oil: under 1 billion – the planets NATURAL CARRYING CAPACITY. The very essence of life. The real sustainability. 9 billion people in 2030 will NOT – I REPEAT – WILL NOT be powered with energy from windmills and solar panels! Besides it takes a tsunami of fossil fuels to make those contraptions in the first place!

And here’s the gripping twist to this story. The Georgia Guidestones erected in the 80s has at the core of its manifesto the goal to keep the world population in harmony with the earth’s carrying capacity. I’m not sure what engraved population goal is but it’s between 500 million and 1 billion.

Whose the conspiracy theorist here?

Silly Rabbit. Tricks Are For Kids.