Shirley’s Story

Name: Shirley

Age: 53

Occupation: Director, Apparel Company

As my family drove to Kelowna for my cousin’s wedding this weekend I decided to interview my parents (Albert and Shirley) on their outlook on happiness. Since my dad was on the wheel I directed the questions at my mom but my dad still added his silly remarks.

What makes you happy?

A: Your daughters!

S: Yes my daughters make me happy

A: And me! Sometimes. And doing yoga.

S: A good yoga practice. Beautiful simple things — like trees.

How do you become happy?

S: People should want less. Focus less on material wants and possession and live more for the moment.

A: Quit buying new clothes!

S: If we want less and expect less, and change societies expectation of each other we’d be happier. We need to redefine success.

What’s your advice for others?

People dwell on the fact that things are negative. So stop dwelling on the fact that they’re negative. Don’t focus on the negative or the positive and accept things are they are. Acceptance is what makes you happy.

Where do you find happiness?

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