What the Global Shapers Vancouver Hub did in 2017/18

The Global Shapers Vancouver Hub is a group of Vancouver-based changemakers between 20 and 30 years old who’ve been selected for their dedication and track record for community impact. An initiative of the World Economic Forum, Global Shapers are diverse in demographics, geographical areas, and sectors, but united by a common drive to build a more dynamic, peaceful, and inclusive world through local impact. In the Vancouver Hub, we are 22 members strong, but we are in the company of 7,099 Shapers across 378 hubs in 157 countries globally.

My name is Leah Bae. I’m a community builder and political strategist who’s curious about increasing civic engagement to shape healthier societies. Throughout the past three years as a Global Shaper, I’ve met incredible people throughout my travels and developed some of my closest friendships in this community. Furthermore, I’m immensely grateful to be part of a community of individuals who are all putting in the work today to ensure the next generation of global leadership is connected and impact-driven.

I’ve had the pleasure of serving as the elected Curator of the Vancouver Hub for 2017/18. This responsibility taught me invaluable lessons in servant leadership. It has been an honour for me to lead leaders. As another Shapers year comes to an end, we’ve curated this summary and timeline of the Vancouver Hub’s highlights from 2017/18.

Vancouver Shapers Retreat, Shape North America, and Annual Curators Meeting

Vancouver Shapers Retreat in Whistler, BC.

For the first time in our Hub’s history, we embarked on an overnight retreat to kickstart the 2017/18 Global Shapers year. The purpose of the retreat was to connect with one another on a deeper level in a place closer to nature, which is why we chose Whistler as our getaway. We played team-building games, cooked meals together in a cabin, and shared our ideas and goals with each other. I would highly recommend this to any team, particularly a volunteer-run team. It is only by knowing and understanding one another on a personal level, that we can start to produce meaningful and collaborative work.

Global Shapers’ roundtable meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at Shape North America 2017.

Seven Vancouver Shapers attended Shape North America 2017 co-hosted by the Toronto Hub and Ottawa Hub. We connected with nearly 200 other Shapers from across Canada, USA, and Mexico and engaged in discussions ranging from NAFTA to regional innovation.

Canadian Curators meeting with World Economic Forum Founder & Chairman Klaus Schwab.

Every year, each hub’s Curator attends the Annual Curators Meeting (aka Global Shapers Summit) at the World Economic Forum headquarters in Geneva. This is where around 350 Curators get together and share leadership best practices while learning from each other. In 2017, the eight Canadian Curators developed a strong connection and every month we participate in a self-organized Canadian Curators Call.

Canada 2067

by Rohan Nuttall

At the invitation of national science charity Let’s Talk Science (LTS), six Global Shapers hubs across Canada hosted a series of dialogues in their cities for LTS’s Canada 2067 initiative, led by the Vancouver Hub. Embracing the notion that “hindsight is 20/20”, we held dialogues between August and November 2017 bringing together participants from the millennial demographic (20–30 years/old) to offer their unique perspectives on K-12 education within the context of a new vision for a pan-Canadian STEM learning framework. Each of the roundtables was structured around a 2-hour discussion with approximately 20 participants. They focused on the nature, behaviour, and styles of learning that will be increasingly necessary for the efficient adaptation to ever-changing job and career requirements. The findings were distilled into a 6-page report that was presented at the National Leadership Conference in December 2017 at the Toronto Design Exchange. We will also be sharing key recommendations and lessons learned at the Canadian Science Policy Conference in November 2018. We continue to work alongside LTS to discuss implementation of the insights uncovered in the consultation process.

Dialogue session in Vancouver for Canada 2067.


by Vivienne Zhang

On the occasion of Canada’s G7 Presidency in 2018, Global Shapers hubs from all G7 countries came together for the Shape7 project, led by the Ottawa Hub, which communicated challenges that young people face from the changing nature of work and brainstormed solutions that public and private sectors can both utilize to support youth as well as our societies at large. The Vancouver Hub convened a dialogue as part of the Shape7 national consultations with a diverse group of students and young professionals from various sectors to discuss how we can navigate the workplace of tomorrow, new concepts of a ‘career’, shifting requirements for education and skills, and social change in work environments. The results of these consultations were compiled into a report and delivered to G7 leaders at the G7 Ministerial Meeting and at the 2018 Youth 7 Summit. Some key points of our advocacy was leveraging human innovation and re-training in the face of rapid technological advancements, which underscored the Charlevoix Common Vision for the Future of Artificial Intelligence and other G7 commitments. Aside from these high-level youth discussions concerning the future of work, we look forward to continuing our efforts in positively impacting workplace norms and regulations.

G7 Youth Consultation session in Vancouver.

Meet the Leader

by Michael Misko

Meet the Leader events have allowed Hub members to meet various leaders in the community from a wide range of industries for the purposes of learning and connecting further with the community. Our guests share their personal journeys, provide advice to Shapers, and share their visions for the future of our city. This year we hosted two Meet the Leader events. Our first guest was Member of Parliament and WEF Young Global Leader, Terry Beech. Terry provided us with an in-depth look at his life from getting elected to the Nanaimo City Council at the age of 18, to successfully starting his own business and how this range of diverse experiences prepared him for his current role as a Member of Parliament. Our second was local impact investor Joel Solomon. Joel is the Chair of Renewal Funds, a $98 million mission venture capital firm in Vancouver. He is also involved with numerous community organizations and is passionate about youth leadership development. Joel shared various stories about his own leadership journey and the knowledge he’s gained along the way. Both sessions were incredible learning experiences for the Shapers and we are grateful to our guests for participating in our Meet the Leader series this year.

Vancouver Shapers with Joel Solomon.

Young People in Local Politics: A Conversation with Mayor Gregor Robertson

by Tanya Gutmanis

In April 2018, the Vancouver Hub co-hosted an event with the Banff Forum, a public policy leadership network. 50 young Vancouverites participated in “Young People in Local Politics: A Conversation with Mayor Gregor Robertson”. With municipal elections taking place throughout BC this fall, this nonpartisan event aimed to highlight the value and importance of public service and offer perspectives on what it takes to generate positive social impact as a leader in one’s community. As a leader who will leave a tremendous legacy when his term as Vancouver’s longest-serving mayor concludes this year, we invited Mayor Gregor Robertson to share his personal leadership strengths, his story, reflection on his decade as mayor, and advice for young people who want to engage with local politics. We thank the Mayor for participating as well as the young leaders who engaged in an evening of thoughtful and critical dialogue.

Mayor Gregor Robertson, Leah Bae (Global Shapers), Amy Robichaud (Banff Forum), and our community.

The Future is Cascadia

by George Benson

Since 2016, a series of agreements between BC and Washington State have created a fledgling network of businesses, universities, and civil servants working to build cross-border connectivity. As a pre-event to the 2018 BCTECH Summit, the Global Shapers Vancouver Hub co-organized and co-facilitated a workshop with SFU Public Square on where the next opportunities to increase cross-border connectivity are, and how a diverse community of Cascadian institutions can support this. Through collaboration between the Vancouver Hub, SFU, UBC, the BC Business Council, and BC Tech Association, “The Future is Cascadia” workshop asked key stakeholders on both sides of the border to envision a desired future for the Corridor and to map out potential needs. The workshop was a huge success and future actions are being planned in advance of the next Cascadia Innovation Corridor Conference, including research and reports, and potential convenings with the Global Shapers Seattle Hub, the BC Business Council, and others.

The Future is Cascadia Summit at the Vacouver Convention Centre in May 2018.

Want to learn more about the Vancouver Shapers? Check out our website, sign up for our newsletter, and keep an eye out for our next recruitment cycle: www.vancouvershapers.com

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