Micah Lindstrom

Hi! Great post!

I really liked how you expanded SO much on your interview key quotes and major insights!

I wish that everyone would try kid-centric snacks like you did. I think that this is a fantastic idea that we should all take the time to do in order to really grasp what is out there. I think that we all kind of think that we know what’s up in the kids snacking world, but after observing your experience, I think it would be good to refresh my memory and find the new stuff that exists on the market today!

What if we focused on the insight about creating the fancy atmosphere for the kid (instead of the food being unique) and made a cool way to distribute / package / eat snacks that is reusable and changeable, too. This way snacks might be more affordable and parents would have a sustainable way to keep kids happy and engaged with snacks. I thought that this was a great insight from Pat and Jennifer.

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