Buying a Wedding Suit you will wear again

Are you getting a suit for your wedding, to attend another wedding, or for one-off professional events? In the first place, a wedding suit does not have to be loud. A versatile suit that’s well-fitted and well-made can equally make you stand out.

There are many guys do not need to wear suits on a regular basis. So a versatile suit will really stretch your dollar. Here is a versatile “all-rounder” we usually recommend customers at Vanda Tailors:

  • Charcoal (or navy)
  • 110s or 120s wool
  • 2 button
  • Single breasted
  • Notch lapel
  • Properly fitting

Example of a versatile suit

This suit will be suitable for interviews, nice dinners, professional events. Your can simple match with different shirts, ties, bowties, shoes or even jeans for more casual affairs.

For a wedding suit, if you think such a suit is too standard or boring. It will be recommended you try on suits you are thinking of. Only if you feel comfortable in that suit, think of whether you will wear it again. Then, check whether the price is worth it. To me, if you are going to wear the suit only once and is expensive, you got to think it will make sense to spend on something that brings you joy.

At minimum, you have to feel good wearing the suit.

Below will be a thought process for people who are more practical like myself

  1. What occasion are you wearing the suit for? Are you wearing for work as well?
  2. Is the fabric suitable for your climate? If the fabric is suitable for your climate. It will make sense you will wear it more often
  3. What is your budget? If you are intending to spend a sizable sum on a wedding suit, it will make sense to wear the suit more than once.

A wedding is not an excuse to buy a ridiculous, one-off suit. If you’ve been asked to attend a wedding, in most cases a versatile suit will most likely make the cut.

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