First Van der Waal production day. Me and Afonso in a basement full of cockroaches.

Let's face it. When we started Van der Waal, neither of us was from the surf industry. Better, neither of us was from any kind of business whatsoever. I’ve come from marketing and advertising agencies, working as a designer and later as a creative director and Afonso was from digital print production field.

So management, stock, accounting, customer service and all the fundamental aspect of business were dark areas for us. On top of that, we knew absolutely no one at the surf industry (in Portugal or anywhere).

A usual business plan meeting…

As you can imagine, back when we started Van der Waal we had everything to fail as a business on a so crowded market as Carcavelos on a Sunday afternoon. [ More about our story here]

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The truth is that almost 3 years later Van der Waal has grown to a establish company in the surf industry, with a winning product that hit its 3rd version 2019 spring.

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Places to where we’ve already sold Van der Waal

Was a hell of a kind journey, with a lot of stories and learnings. Fulfil with failed experiments, parties, strange meetings, successful shows and, as any business, a lot of blood, sweat and tears (with some surf on spare times).

A perfect day to gather with friends, catch some waves to test Van der Waal and drink some beers! Thanks to all who showed up!

So now I decided to start this blog to share some thoughts and learnings I got on this journey and hopefully help someone who is starting a business.

More info about Van der Waal at our website

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CEO at Van der Waal, a clear non-skid alternative to surf wax. Read more at

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