Sprint 3

For my third sprint, I’ve continued to work on my concept art sketches. Unfortunately, even with what I thought was an extra time-padded schedule, I feel behind. My concept sketches are taking longer than I anticipated, which has caused me to re-evaluate my schedule. I think the crux of it is that I’m putting too much detail into some of them, and it’s given me a greater appreciation for some of the posts about the fundamentals of concept art which define it as a “sketching” or “jumping point” for further concepts. So, on one hand I think I could incorporate more of that mindset — that they don’t need to be super polished. But on the other hand, I know I want some really nice work for showcase, not just sketches. In essence, I’m considering revising my schedule a bit.

Until then, I’ve continued to go through my sketches until I decide on concrete steps to take to revise my schedule. My focus was mostly targeted at the prompt “government issue space ship,” which I knew I wanted to be a police/law force purposed ship.

At first I kept hitting a wall designing things that looked too much like rockets or toy planes. I didn’t want to contaminate my design with knowledge of other works, so after I got a very basic design down, I researched some other concept designs from other things — like Halo 4 — just to keep in mind what polished, well-done concepting of space vehicles look like. The work of 343 Industries is beautiful, I was impressed and motivated seeing their concepts and processes. This thread has the images of some of the Halo 4 Broadsword deisngs: http://halofanforlife.com/?p=5944

Here’s the link to the concept artists that worked on Halo 4: http://www.sparth.com/index.html

In looking back and forth between my work and that of others, I confirmed that I may be pouring too much of my energy into the wrong type of detailing… sometimes I feel I focus too much on shadowing, feeling the volume and weight of something. These are useful things, but in looking at some professional work I can see it’s not the whole of it — there’s an emphasis on silhouette design, which piqued my interest. Later on, such as in my “Phase 2”, these skills will be leveraged as much as possible. So in addition to revising my schedule, I would like to incorporate silhouette designing into my next concepts.

I found this thread, which I’m continuing to pour through in order to get some insight from other concept artists: