A Game Designer at World’s best Game Art Outsourcing Firm

Between playing Contra and Super Mario, we grew up. Between playing Ms Pacman and Pokemom, we realised that gaming is perhaps the coolest thing to do in the world. Between playing Need for Speed and Battlefield, we realised that gaming isn’t just for fun. It’s life. Gaming has evolved into a multi-million Dollar industry for both players as well as the creators, studios and outsourcing businesses. It has been growing consistently but then it took a jump with the introduction of smartphones and gave a world a push into the gaming era.

Since its birth in 1997, Dhruva Interactive Pvt. Ltd. has been a major destination for gaming enthusiasts, some of whom were India’s first produce of developers and designers. The people who want to be where the action is should take up one of the above areas of knowledge to build a career while those with social and business abilities and knowledge generally take up managerial and administrative positions. Senior officials also often take up managerial duties. In specific terms, there are Specialists, UI Designers, Graphic Designers and Lead Designers.

In India, one can find work in Engineering, Art, Design, Administration or Quality and testing. Other than strong affinity to gaming, people interested in building a career in this area are either artistically bestowed or very good at coding, programming or software. For instance, Dhruva Interactive, one of the top game art outsourcing companies in the world, seeks artistic creativity, strong knowledge of softwares like Maya and 3ds Max or ability to write perfect codes.

Anyone can approach a studio of Dhruva’s stature for a job or career in game designing. However, one needs to understand that in areas dictated by creativity, formal education plays little to no role. Administrative roles will be dominated by business graduates and they are. However, for success in the field, it is important that a person who knows of the intricacies of the field of game development and design, works as the managing power of the studio. This thought has started reaching more and more decision makers and opening newer avenues for talented people seeking careers in this area. At Dhruva, one can work on Console game art, Concept art, Casual/Social game art, Game animation and device specific games.

What was mere first mover advantage then, has now become the aura of expertise. The studio is now recognised for experience in complicated domains and is a destination for gaming conglomerates from UK, US, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Canada. The studio hires some of the best talent in the field of gaming and has been part of the production of products like Forza, Payday and Spiderman. It is a major Outsourcing destination for corporations like Disney, Microsoft and Capcomm.