Game Art Outsourcing is at its peak or dying!

Outsourcing is an important business model that influences the functioning of a business in many different ways. Gaming has now become more than mere passion and has grown into a business larger than many others. Many tasks and parts of activities are actively outsourced to small studios. However, outsourcing is so important that many of these studios are not even so small anymore but have grown into large, internationally acclaimed art services. For instance, India’s leading game art outsourcing company, Dhruva Interactive has been successful in making huge waves across the world. The outsourcing company has grown up into a huge international business that is actively providing services in countries like UK, US, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Canada.

In terms of gaming, outsourcing, this whole situation has been adding up to the value chain. So if one is going to argue whether the whole concept of outsourcing is soon going to die, many others would beg to differ. When it comes to the gaming industry, activities like game art outsourcing and animation outsourcing help big studios in the race to stay competitive, increase the quality of the games they produce and increase the output and hours of productivity. Just as gaming is, outsourcing is a highly competitive business and yet to evolve to its full potential. Bringing outsourced content into the gaming business has transformed the existing business models through the Business-to-employee structure, E-business, infrastructure management, web technology, telecommunication and technological advances like portable gaming devices, mobile phone and the internet. Also, as newer technologies continue to evolve, game outsourcing also continues to transform. Many such developments can only be theoretical unless proven in real time. For instance the development of a gadget like Google glass and Artificial Intelligence can be expected to make huge changes to the way games are made as well as played.

Reduced transaction costs and automation has made outsourcing an attractive practice. However, art is one section that requires more human touch than others. But in gaming, this holds lesser momentum because software like MAYA and 3ds Max and their updates keep making it more and more computerized. But the lack of trained professionals interested in struggling to make careers in game development and designing in many nations, pushes them toward outsourcing businesses like Dhruva. Also, gamers constantly seek more localized content and for providing them that, companies would have to higher localization companies. In such a scenario, outsourcing parts of the game development or design process, gives them local perspectives, especially in a huge market of rising gamers like India. This comes as double benefit for the companies in the country as they have the largest provider base of creators as well as customers for their games.

Considering all this and more, it seems hardly absolute that outsourcing in gaming is dying anytime soon, especially for the game art companies in India. But like any other discussion, there is always room for difference.