Fitness and Luxury Living

‘Health is wealth’ is something we have heard and read since we were kids. A healthy diet, an active mind, avoiding stress and regular and proper exercise were what we were always told to stick to so that we may have a good life. But that rarely happens. Especially the regular exercise part, resulting in India securing a position among the top 5 nations with most obese people in 2016. Despite that gyms are modern luxury. Although they are available to a larger spectrum of people, the quality of service varies as per gender and Socio-Economic category. As such, people often get expensive gym memberships and then simply end up wasting the money because it is extremely hard to keep this resolution they made on the New Year’s Eve.

It is important to start caring for your health. Teach yourself to use fitter people as motivation and not a hit to your confidence. And well, you can always choose your trainer and even to not have one. A diet chart it important but not if you work out enough for your diet and you may not even need any diet restrictions. As for the rest of the points, our answer is just one- Find an apartment building with a gymnasium.

On-site gyms mostly come with membership and large number of additional services and most luxury apartments in Bangalore offer these services. Since it is going to be near the apartments, the odd timing won’t be a problem and you will already know at least half of the members. To reach the gym, you won’t be walking any more than a mile in any case and you don’t have to drive anywhere and fear the traffic and rush hours.

Luxury doesn’t come with just high expenses, but with better services. That is why we called gym a kind of luxury. And where better to find luxury than at La Palazzo. La Palazzo boasts of a state-of-the-art gym, overlooking the beautiful and well-kept gardens of the luxury residences, offering a complete luxurious lifestyle to its residents. It offers a complete stress-free solution through the play areas, pools and pavilions, so that members do not have to leave their kids home. Not just that, the healthy streak of the residences continues with the exclusive squash court for the residents.

La Palazzo doesn’t just bring luxury. It also ensures that its residents can enjoy that luxury in every way possible. Here, one can build a well thought of home in an ultra-luxury apartments in Sarjapur/ORR of Bangalore. To make things even better, there is an offer on their luxury apartments in Bangalore wherein, one can book an apartment till March 31st, 2017 and move in by the end of the year, without starting their EMIs till 2019. No stress, just the thought of building a home.