What I’ve learned from my polyamorous experiences in the non-Western world

You, me, and this coconut. Photo: BD_VAGHASIYA via PixelBay

NNavigating nonmonogamy in any culture can be nerve-racking; navigating it in a conservative, non-Western country—as I have for the past two years—is like building a house with no blueprint. When things are going well, I think of myself as an explorer. Brave! Intrepid! Stepping into the unknown with one flower…

Some dudes

Typing this headline has made me question my qualifications to write about the “goodness” and therefore “badness” of men. I am emboldened, however, by years of reading men and listening to men going on about women, calling them simple-minded, vain, cruel, lovely, wise, foolish, made of marble (frigid), made of…

Vandita Kapoor

human person

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