Blurring an image with mtPaint

“And I don’t give permission for my face to be on TV. I want it blurred!”

Before proceeding, I recommend you to read these two posts about security concerns on blurring images: Why blurring sensitive information is a bad idea and Is image blurring an unsafe method to obfuscate information in images?

Blurring images is an elegant method to hide information, and you don’t require a huge image editor like GIMP.

First, open your image on mtPaint (I choose the famous Lorem Ipsum from Wikipedia) and use the selection tool to select the area for blurring (as you can see I’ll hide the line three to five). Regard that mtPaint will blur the whole image, so avoid to press Escape key to remove the selection.

Go to Effects and select Gaussian Blur. I used 25.00, 5.00 for Different X/Y and unselected Gamma Corrected.

Copy the selection (Ctrl+C), rollback the Gaussian blur (Ctrl+Z) and paste the previous selection as a new layer (Ctrl+Shift+V).