Canillita: Make your personal newspaper delivery with Calibre and Raspberry Pi

In Argentina the word “canillita” (lit., small tap) refers the child that sold newspaper in the streets.

Calibre has two nice features: it can run from terminal and has thousands of news recipes. The definition for news recipe is

A set of instructions that teaches calibre how to convert an online news source, like a magazine or a blog into an e-book. A recipe, is essentially python code.

The process is simple: run a cron job for downloading the news and send them through email.

Once you had installed Raspbian on a SD, install the required packages

The next step will save you time and storage consumption because Calibre GIT repository is huge and you only need the official recipes. Into the pi home directory run this for fetching only the recipe files

You will find the official recipes in ${HOME}/calibre-recipes-git/recipes.

Configure Exim for delivering the email through GMail (see this post).

Download the script for fetching news

Finally, add a new job into cron and specify (in this order): your email, the list of recipes (one per line) and optionally the output profile (by default, it chooses kindle)

Further reading: If you hare interested on Calibre’s recipes you can create one and/or search for community recipes. The script in this post supports community recipes and they should be stored in ${HOME}/calibre-recipes-community.