A Reply To Yang’s Open Letter
Mathios Meridius

Have you not played a game passed the 4th generation? Pokeradar and the PokeNav allow you literally force chain encounters of the same pokemon over and over. It’s a core part of game mechanics that allow you to buff hidden stats, unlock hidden move and abilities, and even increase chance of shininess. So don’t preach that Pokevision violated the core mechanics of teh game when they have actually been implemented for years. ESPECIALLY if you’re going to sign your post with a divisive snide remark about being a “real fan”.

As another with a full living dex and countless shinies from these methods, don’t disgrace our community and claim to speak for all of us. Pokevision was great. I’m a “tryhard” in nearly all games I play. If there’s a way to be competitive or accomplish difficult tasks, I set out to do it. Pokevision allowed me to play this game the way I want to, as a collector and in an attempt to become more competitive. I for one was saddened by it being shut down. Judging by the responses to this little rant of yours, other “real fans” share my sentiments. Don’t generalize for communities you aren’t a part of.

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