Medium Gets Me Going

You guys are awesome.

Career stuff, entrepreneur stuff, life in general, it can all get a man down sometimes. I’ve been on the job search trail for about two months now, and let me tell you, it gets heavy after a while. I really shouldn’t complain, in the scheme of things I’ve had it incredibly good. But there’s still a burden to find the right fit, something that will have a positive impact on the people and world around, something that I will really enjoy.

When I embarked on this road I was full of optimism, excited to be on my way to a new and fulfilling career. I met a bunch of awesome people (networking, who knew it could be fun?!), I learned a ton of useful things (from books, it’s so easy!), and found some direction. Though I use the past tense I still often feel this way, the opportunities are borderline endless!

However, I also sometimes feel weirdly sad, kind of confused, tired. I don’t want to figure who’s the next best person to call. I don’t want to start walking down another dead end path. I just feel down. That’s been the last week, I’ve been feeling the burden more than the excitement.

That’s where you guys come in. I freaking love reading Medium posts. Tonight I sat down on my couch, unmotivated, listless, bored, and I started poking around on Medium. I read about creating good habits, the benefits of early rising, why I should be reading, the farce of the ‘overnight success,’ among others. I was reminded that the opportunities are still borderline endless! The weird sad feelings lose any legitimacy when I’m around people who are working hard, creating, encouraging, and getting things done.

Medium gets me going again!

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