My First

I remember the first time my parents bought a computer, I was 11. It was a white Mecer Pentium 4 computer with a 40GB Hard Drive and 256MB Ram module running the legendary Windows XP. Years later I would attempt to upgrade XP to Vista in an installation marathon that took more than 8 hours, but that is a story for another day.

At that time, all these technical specs were as foreign as they come. In 2001 computers in African households were not that common. I should have mentioned that I am from South Africa, please bear with me, this is my first attempt at writing a blog post.

As I was saying, technology takes a while to reach a mainstream user base in Africa. I would attribute this to many factors amongst which is the high price of being a technology early adopter. For example; I got my first “Smart” phone while in my third year of varsity. That was in 2013, sad considering that the first iPhone was released in 2007. And what was my first smart phone you may ask? A black Nokia Lumia. The only joy I got from that phone was the excitement of having to use a scissor to reduce my large sim card into a micro sim. It was the first-time I truly understood the phrase “Trust me I am an engineer”.

We have covered my first PC and first “smart” phone. What about my first phone? Well I am from Africa and the early 2000 to around 2010 the phone market was dominated by Nokia. The original Nokia not that Lumia abomination that Microsoft created. I wish I could say that my first phone was the iconic Nokia 3310 but nope, it was the Nokia 2100, the unsung hero. I don’t remember much about it besides the fact that my parents bought it for me while we were staying in Nigeria. I think it was a present for good grades.

After the Nokia 2100, I had a Nokia 1110 before getting some color in my life with the Nokia 7250. I used the 7250 all thought high school before getting my last feature phone the Nokia E63 in 2009. The E63 is still alive and well, this is saying a lot because it has been dropped countless times, pick pocketed while walking in town (I got it back from the guy) and even left at the back seat of a South African taxi. The 3310 would be proud.

I have been in love with technology from a very young age. While growing up we never had the latest computer or phone around but my fascination and curiosity with tech never diminished. I am now an Electrical engineer graduate working as a mobile software developer.

Thanks for reading this far into my first tech article.