When I am asked if I believe in Creationism or in The Big Bang theory, I answer that I believe in neither. In fact, I don’t deny the occurrence of the Big Bang, I simply don’t believe that the theory suffices to explain where we come from. You see, I believe that we come from a concept unfathomable to the rational mind. Yet, as difficult as it is to grasp, it is probably the closest thing that we have to explaining the complexity of our true nature.

We are in fact the manifestation of Infinity, where there is no beginning and no end. That is precisely why I must reject both previous theories for they both imply a beginning. But energy is continuous- it does not start nor does it end. It just is and so eternally. It may change in form, but never does it disappear nor does it end entirely. Even when life ceases to exist in the form that it manifested itself in, it will reincarnate or transform itself into a different form, but never does it cease to be.

So when I am asked about where we come from, it is similar to asking where Life originated from. But the very premise of life is that it is energy. And energy is everywhere around us, at all times. There is no such thing as Void, or nothingness. Energy always is.

We then do not come from anywhere, we simply are the experience of Infinityitself. Our existence is not linear, it is a circle of unlimited manifestations of different life forms, who ultimately all stem from the Infinite Source: The Universe.

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