Is it okay to call someone a pot-head?

For the record, calling people a “pot-head” is not the worst thing in the world, but it does shed a negative light on the entire populous of people who use marijuana for a numerous amount of reasons. The main issue that is brought up is whether or not if it is indeed, okay to call people “pot-heads”, it does not seem significant to many, but there is a tremendous amount of people who disagree. There are always two sides to a story, or should I say lingo? The two sides are the people who do use marijuana and either is impartial to being called such or actually care, and the people who do not use marijuana, who which so happen to be the same people who use this slur, that think it is justifiable to call people this name. 
I guess we could start with the basics, where did this word even come from? The earliest instance of this world being used is in the 70’s during The Vietnam War, this word was used to describe the then “hippies” and protesters of the war, thus creating a negative association with the use of marijuana, because people who were protesting did not work, as it would support the war effort, therefore they were seen by the general public outside of that group as to be lazy and slobbish. The term “pot” came from the use of pots that would cure the cannabis and the word “head” is used in conjunction with a slang word for a drug or alcohol, for example, “crack-head” or “piss-head” (British Slang), thus this adds to the negative stigmata of being called a “pot-head”. 
For the people who use cannabis and prefer not to be called a “pot-head”, they believe that there is this negative shadow that is put on them for using, while what that word implies might not even apply to them. People that use cannabis may be using for medical ailments or other reasons, therefore being called such a negative term is not something they want to keep happening. As for the people who do not use and think it is okay to call people “pot-heads”, they believe that what they have seen in media or in past experiences sum up the rest of the people who use cannabis, thus being “pot-heads”. The justification being that they think that there is no other way of being when it comes to using marijuana. 
The overall outcome of this situation is that it will probably keep happening in the future, but will put a damper on progressives in the marijuana industry because people will be timider to start businesses with them or anything just because they’re a “pot-head”. In the long-run, it will take some time for society to catch up and understand the severity of the words they use to describe others, and that that impaction may have negative effects of those who are described and hamper their overall life.