In other news — From science fiction to science fact. Maybe.

So, farewell then, Jason Wingreen. An actor not so famous for appearing in three episodes of The Twilight Zone, according to Gulf News, but definitely known and loved by Star Wars fans across the universe — even though they could walk right past him on the street without recognizing him.

Although short on screen time, his character was long on bad-ass-ness, resourcefulness and getting the job done. And how many other Star Wars characters managed to stand up to Darth Vader and survive? Obviously we’re talking about man-in-the-mask Boba Fett, last seen by many disappearing into a sandpit. With teeth.

Of course, there are always prequels and sequels, and as the franchise continues under Disney’s guiding hand it’s just as well the mask can hide different actors, because we’re never going to hear from Jason again — unless he’d signed up for Humai.

Humai, Buzzfeed tells us, is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Josh Bocanegra. The company’s spooky-looking website boldly states they want to “transplant your brain into an elegantly designed bionic body”. But the catch seems to be that your original, and perhaps not-so-elegant body first needs to become inoperative.

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But people do go for that kind of thing: some time back the New York Times ran the story of Kim Suozzi who, with her boyfriend, managed to crowdfund $80,000 in donations to keep her brain cryogenically preserved and ready for revival after her passing.

Were Disney prone to product placement, Bocanegra’s outfit might just get a little plug in a future Star Wars movie, should Harrison Ford’s late and much-lamented Han Solo character reappear. If it doesn’t, it’s unlikely that Harrison will lament too much, says the UK’s Metro, since the sequel to Blade Runner will be coming soon to a theater near you. He’ll be back in his previous role of Rick Deckard, replicant-hunterextraordinaire … and, of course, the fifth Indiana Jones movie is on the cards, as well. So Harrison will live on. And on. And on.

Not so immortal, though, is Will Smith’s “Independence Day” character Captain Steven Hiller. The International Business Times explains that due to other commitments, Smith was unable to fill the role, and — Humai or no Humai — Captain Steven Hiller isn’t ever going mano-a-manowith any alien anywhere near Area 51 ever again.

But then of course, we probably won’t need him anyway if Hillary Clinton keeps to one particular promise to a Conway Daily Sun reporter. If elected, she said, she’s going to look into UFOs with, perhaps, a task force to go to Area 51.

So if she does gets elected, keep watching the skies over Nevada because when our alien guests hear Hillary’s on her way, there’s going to be a lot of strange-looking spacecraft heading for home in a hurry.

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