유명 유튜버도 피할수 없는 ‘수익 창출 정지 통보’ 혹은 ‘노란딱지’ 사건들, 바로 ‘저작권’ 입니다.

최근 콘텐츠 시장은 저작권 이슈가 끊이질 않습니다. 그만큼 저작권 콘텐츠가 아주 큰 이슈로 떠올랐는데요.

저작권이 확보되어있는 이미지, 스티커, 음원들 어디서 찾아 사용하시나요?

오늘은 OGQ마켓을 소개해드리려고 합니다. :)

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‘네이버 OGQ마켓’ 그리고 ‘아프리카TV OGQ마켓'

‘OGQ마켓’ 무엇인가요?

OGQ마켓은 누구나 쉽게 크리에이터가 되어 에셋 콘텐츠를 업로드하고, 판매할 수 있는 소셜크리에이터 플랫폼입니다. 다양한 분야의 크리에이터가 한 곳에 모여 전 세계 팬들과 직접 소통하며 수익창출을 할 수 있고, 콘텐츠 판매금액의 70%를 크리에이터에게 배분하고 …

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이미지 란?
사전적인 정의로 사상적, 음악적인 요소에 대한 시각적 요소를 가리킵니다. 즉, 느끼거나 눈에 보이는 것을 뜻합니다.
디지털 콘텐츠에서 이미지는 사진, 일러스트, 벡터, 에디토리얼 등 여러 종류와 사용 범위 내 활용되고 있습니다.

고품질 이미지로 유명한 파트너와 OGQ마켓의 이야기!
지금 알려드릴께요! :)

Gettyimages KOREA : The world’s best creative stock images! Click here

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게티이미지코리아는 국내 최대 규모의 디지털 저작권 콘텐츠를 보유하고 있는 스톡콘텐츠 기업이에요!
고품질의 사진 뿐만 아니라 에디토리얼 전용 디지털 콘텐츠를 보유하고 있어 …

starting with AfreecaTV LIVE chat emoticons with OGQ creator’s asset content can be sales and purchased

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Social creator platform OGQ (CEO Shin Cheol-ho) will open the AfreecaTV OGQ Market ( on the 23rd. AfreecaTV OGQ Market is a developed through a joint business with AfreecaTV (representative Director Seosoo- Gil and Chan-Yong Jeong), can easily purchase emoticons, sound recordings, fonts, images, videos, and voices from global creators to broadcast AfreecaTV services. This is an asset content market that can be used in areas such as chatting and comment subscriptions, or as a gift to BJ.

‘AfreecaTV OGQ Market’ provides emoticons that can be used in live broadcast chat windows, starting with the AfreecaTV PC web and Android mobile apps. In the first quarter of 2020, a gradual update will be made to purchase and use emoticons directly on the mobile web and iOS mobile apps, and the creators will be able to use or present emoticons from AfreecaTV stations and VOD areas. …

The accumulated sales in Naver OGQ Market alone exceeded 27K USD

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According to social creator platform OGQ (CEO Shin Cheol-ho,, the accumulated number of content sales for Naver OGQ Market creators “Woo Wak Good” and “Jen” has surpassed 24,000. Game broadcaster “Woo Wak Good” and personal creator “Jen” are selling a total of 21 digital asset contents at Naver OGQ Market and communicating directly with 5,200 fans as of last November and creating steady sales of contents.

OGQ revealed the content that makes it individuality a key to it growth as a star creator. Asset content, which can be easily and properly used on Naver’s blogs and Cafe comments, has been verified for steady sales, and has become a creator’s personal market where creators and fans connect directly to create a continuous repurchase. …

Social creator platform OGQ, Starts a partnership with ‘SmartStudy’ asset contents such as ‘Pinkfong WonderStar’, ‘Pinkfong Baby Shark’, and ‘T-Rex’

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OGQ (CEO Shin Cheol-ho, announced that it has entered into a global OGQ market contents alliance targeting the asset contents of representative characters of the global content company ‘SmartStudy’. Digital asset contents such as coloring sheets and images of ‘SmartStudy’ can be found in Naver OGQ Market ( and OGQ Backgrounds application.

Since October, OGQ has provided images of SmartStudy’s ‘Pinkfong Wonder Star’ and ‘Pinkfong Baby Shark’ to Naver OGQ Market. …

Supercell Asset Content from ‘Clash of Clans’, ‘Clash Royale’ and ‘Brawl Stars’ is available on Naver OGQ Market

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OGQ (CEO Shin Cheol-ho, announced that it has signed an alliance to distribute the contents of the asset, including the characters used to produce games by Supercell, a popular mobile game developer overseas. You can check the contents of digital assets such as stickers and images on Naver OGQ Market at

Supercell operates Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Brawl Stars, and is gaining popularity around the world, especially since its official launch in December last year, with some 5.1 …

Established ‘Afreeca TV OGQ Market’ for Afreeca TV BJ to easily work as an asset contents creator

OGQ (chief executive officer Shin Cheol-ho, announced that it received a strategic investment of 5 billion won from AfreecaTV (CEO, Chan-Yong Jeong). The investment was made to expand the copyright asset content market “AfreecaTV OGQ Market”.

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OGQ will provide AfreecaTV users with the opportunity to sponsor BJ’s copyrighted asset content. …

Over 40 million OGQ asset content will be shown to BJ and its users in conjunction with AfreecaTV

Social Creator Platform OGQ (CEO, Shin Cheol-ho, has signed a joint business contract with Afreeca TV (CEO, Chan-yong Jeong) for copyright asset content market. It is “AfreecaTV OGQ market” which can use stickers, sound sources, fonts and images of OGQ global creators in chatting and comment subscription of AfreecaTV service.

Asset contents are used in emoticons, star balloons, etc. in the chat window, and are provided in various subscription forms that BJ and fans can present to each other. Sound sources and fonts are used by BJ for direct broadcasting, and various broadcast contents can be produced conveniently without worrying about copyrights. In particular, BJ will be able to register its own copyrighted content or real goods and to expose and sell it with one click on the air so that authentic commerce can be broadcast on the basis of empathy between BJ and the fans. …

Naver OGQ Market sales the Getty images Korea about 300 million of editorial content

Social creator platform OGQ (CEO Shin Cheol-ho, has signed a cooperation contract with Getty images Korea, which has the largest digital copyright content in Korea.

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From this cooperation, Getty images Korea will continue to update more than 3 million unique digital content for editorial on OGQ’s platforms, including Naver OGQ Market (

Editorial content has been used on a large scale in the media, publishing, and when users of OGQ and Naver could write post on blogs, smart editors and others, various contents will be readily available from July without worrying about copyright. …

Start to selling about 30 million digital contents of PIXTA’s copyright images and videos on the Naver OGQ Market

Social creator platform OGQ (CEO Shin Cheol-ho, has signed an alliance with Japan’s Digital Content Creative Platform PiXSTA (PIXTA. to sell content.

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Through OGQ, PIXTA will provide about 30 million digital content to OGQ so that users around the world can buy content and be connected as fans. OGQ will be sold in services such as Naver OGQ Market and Phone Theme Shop to expand the content pool and increase user satisfaction.

Naver OGQ Market is a digital resource market where Naver, the Korean’s largest Internet search portal site, offers stickers, photos, illustrations, videos and music, run under a joint business with OGQ, for free or for charged. OGQ has surpassed 130 million downloads in accumulated global downloads. …


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