How I learned to break through the green wall

As my family tromped through the hills east of Berkeley, green with abundance, I spotted the disk of a leaf, perched on a slender stem, delicate as a lady’s parasol: miner’s lettuce?

I texted a photo to a naturalist friend to confirm my find. The excitement I felt at the…

Learning to use chopsticks has brought me closer to my culture

MyMy father handed me a folded slip of red paper. Printed inside were the instructions, saved from a recent restaurant excursion, for using chopsticks: Tuck under thumb and hold firmly. Add second chopstick, hold it as you hold a pencil. Hold first chopstick in original position, move the second one…

On Vows Broken and Remade

Long before I had children, I knew I wanted to raise them bilingually — even in the imperfect fashion in which I had my lessons, growing up. My grandmother, who only spoke Chinese, helped raise my brother and I. …

Vanessa Hua


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