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A school breakfast in San Antonio, Tx — Photo by Author

I checked out the nutrition of my local area’s school breakfast to find out.

The cover photo shows a typical free breakfast at a high school on the south side of San Antonio, Texas, where 88% of students are economically disadvantaged, 97% are Hispanic and 100% receive free meals through a USDA school meal program. Nearly 30 million children are fed daily through the USDA’s School Breakfast Program and National School Lunch Program. Families rely on these programs to give their kids access to healthy food, as food deserts are all too common in America and income inequality grows year by year.

The mission of the Food and Nutrition Service segment of the USDA…

Can humans transcend ownership to restore our relationship with nature?

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Mature tree off the South Llano River, in Junction, Tx where native people once lived for thousands of years, affixed with a Private Property sign — Photo by Author

On a scorching Saturday at a local nursery, I dug a handheld slice of petroleum-based plastic, known as my Visa credit card, from my purse. For a moment, I considered the immortality of this plastic piece, how it is destined to remain on the planet for centuries due to plastic’s non-biodegradable nature.

Yet, the money it held, or, the money held in human imagination — distributed based on assigned values to workers — was fleeting, in a state of constant flux. …

Reflections on single-use plastic waste in my own backyard applied to the global plastic crisis

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Plastic waste I collected from McAllister Park, San Antonio, TX during an hour of trash pickup August 22, 2020 Photo: Vanessa A.

Vanessa A.

Student of the natural world, interested in learning more about interconnectedness and reciprocity in nature. Writing as a way to organize and share ideas.

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