NMIX Portfolio

My journey through the New Media Institute has open my eyes to the world of Tech, Coding and a strong sense teamwork.

Starting with TedxUGA I got to experience and work with a really great group of faculty and students, while curating a talk for an Alumni. This is where I first saw the importance of the team and how organization in the early stages of planning. I realized how essential details were to making the show run and every piece fit into its place.

Moving forward into NMIX 4110 Production, a class that taught me a lot and showed me how to understand HTML, CSS , use brackets( a coding app) similar to Dreamweaver. This was by far my favorite class here during my tenure at UGA.

I finished off the program with a Capstone project crafted just for me. Working with Film UGA, we were tasked with the opportunity to help bring the growing film industry to Athens. The UGA Division of Marketing and Communication has been trying to streamline the process of getting location scouts and those interested in our campus for movies/cinematography. We were tasked with learning how to use 360 degree film technologies to capture the essence of UGA. I was tasked with providing graphics, an interactive map and the lead pitch presenter. Often times I assisted the project coordinator in getting everyone back on track and focused towards our team goal of delivering the best work. I also assisted in the coding troubleshoot for our main developer.

Overall, I have been challenged to grow in my leadership and enhanced my ability to speak in front of crowds/peers through pitching and presenting. Also working within a team can be very rewarding and a great way to learn most about yourself. I have learned that making connections in the tech field is very valuable and to stay persistent in anything that you out your mind to, because if you don’t you will never succeed.

Production Website Tour:

Capstone Film UGA — http://ugafilm.mynmi.net/project/

Trailer/Website Tour-

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