Publicists, Please Stop Asking Bloggers to Write for Free
Lauren Modery

I’ve been on both sides of the table, and can’t DISagree more about bloggers being by publicists.

I was a TV reporter for years, getting pitched up and down, then moving online starting where I wrote a slew of content. I ALSO shared or requested publishing of my content elsewhere to increase my reach, and began doing media consulting and PR. I would never think of getting paid by a PR person or paying a blogger to write about my clients. The payoffs are always indirect.

For bloggers (and for that matter TV segment producers, editorial directors, etc) when you write about a product or something pitched, you do so because it’s because it adds value to your site. A good PR person is pitching you something relevant and valuable to your site/blog/brand, and if they’re not they aren’t owed a response (and certainly not your time to write about it). If it is worthy of a posting, it means it’s in line with your blog, and adds value because it attracts readers, grows your following and then increases your value (and your real revenue) indirectly.

Having PR people pay bloggers is ridiculous. If we want to be paid to write, then we should get hired by a publication (online or otherwise) who pays for content (and also assigns, critiques and edits it). You have the freedom as an independent blogger to decline every PR request. Just delete all those terrible pitches (which unfortunately are frequent), and spend your time on more worthy stuff. Don’t complain about not getting paid by PR. If you want to get paid, choose the stuff that’s going to build your audience and indirect pay off.