Are You Avoiding Your Work by Working?

Why I stopped doing 80% of my work.

I heard a quote recently that really struck me: Busy-ness is the most common form of laziness.

It’s something that I’ve been working hard on over the last 12 months. To not be busy, and instead, create more.

Busy-ness and doing a ton can be the kiss of death to your coaching practice. Most coaches I know spend a lot of time doing a lot and end up feeling totally overwhelmed because they’re working non-stop and still not creating clients or income.

What’s perhaps worse, is that through all the work they’re doing, they’re not having the impact that they could be having on the world.

There are many reasons why we try to do this.

One possibility is that we believe we have to work hard to be successful.

In coaching, what’s actually true is that we have to serve and create impact to be successful.

Another possibility might be that we feel like we actually have that much to do. Between social media, lead pages, newsletters, networking events, and occasionally coaching clients ;) it feels like the work never stops.

We might also be working hard to AVOID. We’re working to do a million different things to avoid the one or two actions that feel hard and require more time and quality so they can really create impact.

A few months ago, I cut out 80% of the work I was doing to only focus on the 20% that actually created clients. I have more time, create more impact, and create more clients by doing less and being less busy.

In my Weightless Health Coaching program, I slow this way down and share how to create clients in 5 simple steps: Bold action — Connect — Invite — Create — Propose.

In other words: how to build your coaching practice through coaching.

What is the one action that you could take that would create the most impact that you’re avoiding doing?