Recreation is re-CREATION! Go PLAY!

Sometimes in the process of creating something from No-thing — we get stuck! I’ve seen too many creators (and of course, never myself! 😇🧐) get caught in the trap where they limit their fun and play and LIVING of life until they’re more successful.

👮🏽‍ Problem chief. HOW you create is WHAT you create. So if you limit fun and play and living of life — then you create success that FEELS not very fun, not very successful and like you’re putting life further out into the future.

🧟‍ To make things even worse, limiting feelings of lightness limits creativity since creativity comes mostly from the UNknown, not the known.

🤷🏽‍ When you’re stuck (and even when you’re not), play — or recreation — or re-CREATION as I like to call it — can get you out of that totally stuck, bored and driven place that obsessively and obnoxiously asks, “How?” 2 million times a day (just me?) and INto a state that exclaims, “Who cares how — let’s try THIS!”

🤹🏽‍ When you’re stuck or caught in fear or thinking, try playing. Juggle if you can! Literal PLAY, however you like to do it!

🧘🏽‍ Meditate to get above your thinking and into your heart.

🚶🏽 ‍Go for a walk (solvitur ambulando — look it up!).

👩🏽‍🎨 Let go of a good final product and play with ridiculous ideas. Sentence stem “Wouldn’t it be awesome if….” and finish it 20 times.

👩🏻‍🔬 Test ideas without attachment to results — BIG one!

🎃 Carve a pumpkin! Seriously — Halloween is coming (and you KNOW) I love Halloween.

☝🏼 The point is — if you’re stuck and can’t figure out how or what to create, RECREATION can open you up to more lightness and playfulness — wires on which creativity tends to flow better.

🗣 Warning: Fear will start chirping in your ear like a little schoolroom snitch and tell you that you’re not allowed, it won’t work and you’re irresponsible for playing before succeeding.

🙅🏼‍👂🏼 DON’T listen!! Test it out for yourself.