The True New Year

Discovering our roots

In nature, Spring is the time of year when babies are born, flowers bloom and trees’ leaves regrow. It’s a time of growth, expansion and life. The sun comes out, the temperature rises and the literal environment shifts for the purpose of creation and expansion.

While culturally, we celebrate the new year at the beginning of the calendar year, the true new year is the start of Spring.

Reflecting back on your New Year’s resolutions and commitments, you might find you’re still on fire, or you might find that they’ve fizzled out a little. Both (and anywhere in between) are ok.

But for me, there is no denying that there’s a “Spring” taking place within me. Even before this week, when I voiced my new creation for my business and began working on my website, I could feel a shift taking place inside my heart and mind. In fact, this shift started at the end of Spring last year. It took a full year for it to be ready.

In springtime, it seems like all of a sudden there are flowers, birds and leaves on trees. But this isn’t actually true. Long before the flowers poke their heads above the dirt, they are expanding and taking form beneath the surface. We only see them once they’ve bloomed.

And just like those flowers, you have a felt sense that there is something that wants to be created, experienced or expressed below your surface, too.

It’s not always easy to put that into words. In fact, I’ve found that this process — of finding the perfect words to express a felt creation before it exists — is the toughest part of creation. You have to really hang with the tension of bringing that vision to life through language. It feels true, but how do you represent it accurately through words? How do you bring it to form? How do you create something from nothing?

I’ve found through both my personal development, and with my clients and creators that I work with, that it’s helpful to discover the roots before you try to create the flower. To know which part of your life is calling to you for expansion.

This might be a place where you’re feeling dissatisfied, a longing or pain.

Or it also might be a place where you’re experiencing excitement, passion, energy and momentum already, and you’re just ready for more.

Consider how satisfied / fulfilled you feel in each of the following areas of your life right now:

  • Social Life
  • Relationships
  • Home Environment
  • Joy
  • Spirituality
  • Creativity
  • Finances
  • Career
  • Education
  • Health
  • Physical Activity
  • Home Cooking

These are some of your deepest roots. Where do you feel compelled to expand?

Growth and expansion don’t have to come from solving problems. They can also be created from a desire for more, a goal, or simply deeper insights into you, who you are and your life put into action.