Outsourcing your dirty work doesn’t make it more ethical.

Moderators of disturbing online content are prone to mental health crises.

It’s hard to keep up with the rate at which companies don’t care

Uber’s CEO equates Saudi murder of a reporter with an auto accident: “People make mistakes.”

Google secretly scrapes the medical records of millions

Twitter did the right thing. Facebook should pay attention for their own good.

I don’t always agree with Jack Dorsey, but he’s done the right thing this time. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

AI, personal data, lying to Congress — the new season’s debut is funny but not fiction

“You want to rein these people in. But you can’t.”

“These people up here — you want to rein them in. But you…

Video propaganda is a threat they can’t dismiss as “free speech”

Deepfake videos aren’t only in the movies anymore
Minority Report saw it coming: The future where you can’t believe what you see.

TechCrunch’s founder isn’t the problem. People who kowtow to him are.

Tony Soprano: not good look for a tech reporter.

Product teams and marketing teams must work together to turn data into appealing messages.

  • While growth hackers may enjoy a measure of hype now, they should prepare for a coming backlash. Social media marketing enjoys about as much hoopla, even when it isn’t always clear how it drives ROI. With growth hacking, however, the numbers (or lack thereof) cannot lie. …

Whether business owner or customer, you should always worry about the privacy of everything.

photo: Meghan Kelly, VentureBeat

The founder of marketing firm AnyContext explains why ethics should be a part of every company’s product roadmap and story

Vanessa Camones

founder & ceo of marketing consulting firm @anycontext and @theMIXagency. Board Member of @BoardSeatMeet @InPlay. #latinatechrealness #LA #SF #PDX

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