What Can An Intuitive Reading Do Or Not Do For You?

I believe that we are all intuitive. I was born this way — just like you were.

I’ve taken a natural ability and specialized in mastering my gifts in the last two decades and teaching others how to develop and apply their intuition for improved health, increased prosperity, success and love.

About about my path…As early as three and five years old, I described invisible people and made matter-of-fact statements about things that hadn’t happened yet. My early childhood was marked with “feeling” other people’s feelings and energy in homes or places I would walk into.

At 16, my parents blindfolded me and turned the Ouija board around that I was using. Suddenly a new world opened up as I described people I “saw” and messages I “heard.” It went from feeling information to seeing and hearing.

I started doing sessions for adults but soon stopped claiming that, “I lost my powers”… I didn’t know what I was doing, just that I could do it.

At 19, I wrote the Universe a letter and asked to be a channel for inspiration and healing. I found out when you raise your hand in God’s classroom, you are IN! My guides showed up in full force and books, information and tapes seem to make their way to me.

I started doing professional intuitive readings in my early twenties and have been doing Intuitive Oracle readings for over 20 years.

I connect to my Higher Self, Angels and guides as well as my client’s. I see/feel/hear and know information in a holographic manner and see the past/present and possible future in an individual’s life and how they can proceed to gain greater clarity, abundance and well-being.

I am a third-generation medium in a family that doesn’t share with others about their intuitive connections. I’m the first to come out of the psychic closet. I have been exposed to readers in two languages and since childhood, I’ve witnessed mediumship, tarot reading, shamanic journeying, coffee grinds, automatic writing, numerology, astrology, pendulum and channeling sessions. I’ve witnessed, done them and taught others to do them!

Experienced compassionate, wise, funny, loving Intuitives are a gift to the world. They can see past what the eyes see and feel into the hearts of strangers. Those light workers that are called to this path are messengers of Spirit.

Of course there are charlatans and opportunists jumping on this suddenly trendy spiritual career path. It’s up to us to research, ask around and listen to our own intuition when choosing a reader or metaphysical support person.

What can an Intuitive Reading/Session do for you?

Intuitive readings can awaken, inspire, incite, nourish and nurture. 
They can validate and support. Being seen and validated can shift your world.

Intuitive readings can help us break through and see/know more of our truth.

Intuitive readings can support us in embracing a bigger part of our shadows, Light and Soul Purpose.

Intuitive readings can give us insight into why people are in our lives and what lessons and soul agreements we carry.

They can guide us on the best strategy to take whether it’s a spiritual, emotional or financial maneuver that needs additional information to bring success.

Intuitive readings may guide us on how to help our children, our staff and have a successful business launch or get our book published.

We might get very specific information on health concerns, warning of upcoming natural disasters and personal challenges and how to navigate them

Intuitive readings can rile up our Spirit and get us going!!!!

What is it that an Intuitive Reading/Session can’t do for you?

It can arm you with information and insight but it can’t change your life unless YOU want to.

It cannot keep you from the cycles of life that include: birth, death and rebirth.

It can’t give you absolutely ALL the answers because…what would be the FUN in that?

Earth school is a grand adventure and we are here to live it!

The main thing that they cannot do for you, is facilitate deeper healing if you are needing to completely transform or shift a paradigm or deeply-held belief or release deep pain and hurt.

Some may get deeper healing from being simply validated and acknowledged by someone that doesn’t know them, didn’t send them a questionnaire or didn’t ask before sharing the Soul transmission coming through…and there are those that need more.

Let’s face it. We all need more.

I know I did. I released past life patterns of invisibility and hiding for having a metaphysical bent and way of life. Lives as shamans, high priestesses and priests in trainings have shown me martyrdom, death, poverty and limitation as well as great skill and divine connection.

There are deeper reasons for hating battle scenes or not wanting to play the “game” whether it’s politics; office, political, organizational or even spiritual one upmanship. We all carry patterns, fears AND gifts that come from our expanded and sacred potential.

There is something usually in the way of our expanded potential. Our conscious mind can get the coaching, training and information it needs but the subconscious can come in and beat it up when it tries to make changes.

The bridge to our superconscious potential is the subconscious!

Astrology, numerology, intuitive readings and so much else can get us on the right path with all the right information but the deep healing in the subconscious is still waiting for clearing. Clearing, releasing, aligning and applying what you know and have learned in a practical way is KEY to health, love, abundance and success.

The truth is…you need to go the step further.

I’ve been a professional intuitive for over 20 years and I’ve had this happen and seen it happen to many…



Practical steps help. Coaches are powerful tools for our growth as are intuitives, astrologers and numerologers…but what of past life trauma?

Of ancestral paradigms passed down for generations? Energetic blocks and childhood abuse or fears that manifest as: procrastination avoidance, lack of confidence, buying every program and not showing up and running away from what you truly want?

Those things are usually not in the realm of coaching or most ologies. They are not in the realm of intuitives…

I realized in my twenties that we all needed more than intuition and psychic Soul information and I started going deeper and studying all manner of healing modalities.

The Intuitive Healer Guide has intuition, coaching training AND is an expert at healing modalities and spiritual technology that can work in the invisible realm ( energy medicine or subconscious) to clear and integrate so wholeness and alignment can come about.

I’ve always wanted to serve in the greatest way possible and I know that readings and coaching is just not enough for most of us. That’s why I do what I do.