You can’t be magic and judge yourself by muggle standards

It happens to all of us soulful folks at some point or another. I’ve been there and it’s a pretty terrible feeling. Knowing how much value you bring to the world but looking at your life and seeing that it doesn’t match up to society’s expectations.

We know about energy, soul, magic and manifestation-the world gets too much and we fall into the pain and sadness of judging ourselves by muggle standards.

Yoda said,” Do or do not do, there is no try.”

I say,” Choose magic or muggle,” because you can’t choose the energetic, soulful life and then minimize yourself by comparing yourself to the muggle path. It’s a no-win situation.

The truth is that the magical way isn’t always clear, often scary and full of risks. So when you are busy taking crazy risks and people are checking off LIFE TO DO Lists, you are on a deep dive into your Soul.

When you come back you are not always going to have the LIFE TO DO LISTS checked off. So we may get married later or nor, may have kids or not, may buy property or not, we may lose our businesses or start new ones as others get the corner office.

The thing is, tons of muggles are actually magical and at some point they bought into what society, family and media told them- they left behind their creative, free spirit and weighed themselves down with shoulds, choices that were based in fear, safety & perceived comfort…many of them wake up in their 40s, 50s and 60s and say,” IS THIS ALL THERE IS?” and proceed to have a dark night of the Soul.

Then their lives become a journey of self-healing and reconnecting with their Spirit. And you magical folks? You are usually the guides, teachers and healers waiting for them with open arms and a safe place where they may heal themselves.

So if you know you are magic, embrace it fully otherwise you will be suffering and it serves no one. Especially not your brilliant. magical heart.

much love, V

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