Since 2009’s election the way candidates go about their presidential run has completely changed, with social media huge influencer.

Facebook has over 200 million users each month in the United States alone. Several websites have thrived using Facebook as a way of expanding their audience.

Facebook has been able to link one’s interest most relevant to them based on their “likes”, their friend’s interest and even through one’s google searches.

Through political pages such as “Make America Great Again”they have been able to capture the attention of several users making their website successful. Donald Trump has also been able to influence a large number of his supports through twitter, which links back to trending stories on Facebook.

I think this article made good use of the memes that have gone viral during this election. Another example that would have help support this articles statement would have been a screenshot of the ads that everyone sees on their newsfeed based on their interest.

Facebook has became a different platform in which people are free to express their political views or where their perspectives might change.