The Sun is your CEO

Your Birth Chart reveals much of how you can brand and market yourself. — Art by Vanessa Couto.

…The Moon is your client’s needs…

When you are starting a business, or you already have an established one, defining what is your brand is something that may be on your mind. Where is your YOU in your business? If you are an entrepreneur, that’s even more true, because your business is your brainchild, carrying forth your ‘Astro DNA’.

When I was brainstorming about my business and how to brand myself, I was looking to my own astrological chart.

What can the planetary archetypes tell you about your business brand?

In my case…I’m a Gemini — I to love communicate, to be a bridge for people, ideas and resources. I have a Moon in Pisces — I’m empathic, dreamy and imaginative. I need to do something creative. My Rising Sign (or Ascendant) is in Taurus — Bringing something from the world of ideas (Gemini) into the physical world is vital. Art and beauty are also important.

That’s a starting point.

Ideally one should look at their entire chart, because all the other planets and their positions will say much about your “YOU Business Incorporated”. How the planets are grouped together and what is the relationship between them, will clarify all of this even more.

For now let’s focus on the three main points: Sun, Moon and Rising Sign.

The Sun — the CEO — the life and driving force of your business. (The placement of your Sun in your chart is where you ‘shine’.)

The Moon — here are your customers; your employees (remember employees reflect the light of the leader/Sun). Traditionally the Moon speaks of containment (i.e. containers of the body — breasts, stomach, womb) — and nurturing. What feeds your business? What are you feeding with your business?

Ascendant — the outer packaging. How you start and approach your business.

Here’s the ‘tip sheet’ section.

If you know your Moon sign and Ascendant, use these to help you create your ‘Business Pyramid’ (Sun/Moon/ASC). These are just to get your imagination working, because the symbolism in astrology is very multi-layered and rich.

Ultimately, the best is to get the full picture of your birth chart with an astrological coach — I have a package that is all about weaving Astrology and Business if you are interested in learning more.

Also did you know that your business has it’s own birth chart too?

Looking at the juxtaposition of your birth chart and your business chart is a rich and super insightful way to get to know how you and your business intersect.

(But that would be a whole new post! More on that later.)

Fire Element

Fire Signs: the key concept is confidence and initiative.


Aries — The Trailblazer. The Pioneer. Nothing like the thrill of starting something. They need a vision, a cause to motivate them.


Leo — The Creative. Ability to vitalize any enterprise with generous spirit.


Sagittarius — The Quest. Desire to promote their ideals to the wider world. Freedom and meaning are important elements. Optimistic outlook is vital to keep the quest and sense of adventure alive.

Earth Element

Earth Signs: the key concept is the innate understanding of how the material world functions.


Taurus — The Producer. Rooted vitality. Creative expression needs to find form in the physical world. Reluctance to change may hinder progress, but the energy flows when it is able to make something concrete in the world. Especially if it has a sense of beauty, quality and comfort.


Virgo — Discerning. Analyst. Need to be of service in some way. Value is placed in service and self-improvement.


Capricorn — The Achiever. Discipline. Here the energy is focused on reaching its goal. Value of hard-work, authority and pragmatism. Help others understand inner authority.

Water Element

Water Signs: the key concepts are empathy, deep emotion and feeling response.


Cancer — The Nurturer. Ability to create a container for others. Understanding of how feeding/nurturing oneself is vital. This can be through food, love, and empathy. Creating a safe ‘home’ is part of its essence.


Scorpio — The Catalyst. Power to transform. Here the creative energy goes deep beyond the surface, transforming the status quo. Whatever a Scorpio does or feel compelled is infused with a deep intense desire to transform something completely.


Pisces — The Imagination Manifester. Here’s the chameleon of the zodiac. Ability to ‘be’, ‘become’ what the world projects onto them. Sensitive creative energy may not be clearly focused, but it is able to read the yearning that permeates the zeitgeist. Dreaming the world into being.

Air Element

Air Signs: the key concept is that ideas are the prana (breath) of life. The mind’s perception of the world shapes your reality.


Gemini — The Trickster. The Mental Acrobat. The need to disseminate ideas, exchange information, connect the dots, people, products.


Libra — Relationship Connoisseur. Need for balance will lead one to quest for it and experience many instances of imbalance. Ability to sense what is off kilter and unfair in any environment/relationship/product. Beauty is not just a pretty face, it’s essential in life.


Aquarius — The Idea Logistics Master. Independence, innovation and freedom are food for the soul. Nurturing comes from encouraging one to step out of their comfort zone.

I hope this inspires you to do some further research into your own Planetary Entrepreneurs. I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments about your chart, your business and how these fit together. Nothing would make your fellow Gemini happier than spreading the information and getting the conversation going.

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