What should I do with my life?

The burning question.

This weekend I went through my bookcases to gather some books I wanted to donate. Every so often, I go through my book collection, have a come to Jesus moment, and pick those that I’ll take to sell or donate.

When you are a ‘bookaholic’ that is what’s needed if you don’t want every wall of your home covered with bookcases.

In the pile, I found Po Bronson’s book “What Should I do with my Life?” that was handed down to me from a friend when she was going through her career + what do I do with my life midlife crisis.

I hadn’t read this book, so before deciding which pile it was going to end up in, I leafed through it.

And I was hooked!

The stories just grabbed me, but more importantly, this was a question (or its many variations) that I had asked myself since my early school days.

What should I do with my life?

What is my mission in life?

What is my life’s purpose?

What is my soul’s purpose?

All of these questions were like my own philosophical ‘besties’, following me around in life.

In many ways, they were the reason I dove into studying astrology — I wanted the map, the chart of my inner territory.

Of course these aren’t questions that are easily answered. I feel that very few people have answered these so readily.

What I have noticed from client’s stories, friend’s and others that I have met along the way, is that this very question either burns through you, or is avoided at all costs until something breaks it open.

In my own experience, astrology became my depth career counselor. I learned to look to my own chart to see the confirmation of what I was experiencing my life, as I weaved what made me feel alive with what I could do ‘with my life’.

There are no easy answers really, even looking at our own birth chart. Because I or another astrological coach could say: ‘you’d be good at ____’; ‘you’d succeed in this career_____’.

But the chart is only the map, NOT the territory.

You still have to do your own walking — although at least now you have a map!

To wrap this up, after opening up Pandora’s box of all mother of questions…

In a culture of bottom line pragmatism there’s isn’t much room for subtlety or grey areas. But we can be the ones in the frontier debunking this simplistic view graciously given to us by Capitalism.

The Sun in our charts expresses our vitality, our inner light as it radiates and is seen in the world.

Sun Sign astrology may be maligned and downgraded, but the Sun is still the center of our system.

But the way we walk this path daily, and that’s the keyword, is via our Moon. She helps us understand our emotional flow of energy, our needs for security, self-care and nurturing. It’s how we are when we aren’t thinking or trying to be in a certain way.

Our Moon is the power behind the throne.

And the road we travel?

It’s our Rising Sign/Ascendant. The Ascendant reveals the window through which we see the world, in other words, how we tend to approach what is in front of us, how we want to engage with it, how we initiate something.

Now the other parts of the chart give this picture more layers and depth. That’s why the more we dive into understanding our birth charts, the more we find there. No wonder, it’s so common to have several sessions with astrologers. Each astrologer will highlight a certain part of your chart to you, especially the ones that are relevant at the time of your appointment.

So how have you approached this question:

What should I do with my life?

Where has it led you?

And how did astrology help (or might help) you while exploring this theme?

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