Stages of Working From Home

These days there’s a shift against the standard 9–5 and one of the most desired career options is flexibility in the workplace. Flexible hours plus the ability to work from home is on top of many employees wish list. In fact, many millennials consider the ability to work from home more of a priority than a higher salary.

The best thing about working from home is the ability to control your own schedule. You can customise your own work hours to meet the needs of your personal and family life, spend more time with your children, and cut time and commuting costs.

So for those of us lucky enough to work from our lounge room, there are many things we go through. These are the stages of working from home we all experience.

Working From Bed

1 You Snooze, You Don’t Lose.…….

We may have good intentions to get up at a normal time and start the day as we would if we were running into the office, however, this can be quickly thrown out the window when the alarm interrupts our sweet comfortable dreams in our even sweeter comfortable beds. Let’s be honest, we are all a little heavier on that snooze button then we actually would be if we had to get up and go somewhere other than our lounge room to work for the day.

Hey, we are at least saving a good hour in getting ready and transport so we can afford a little extra sleep time, even if that rest time occasionally ends with you getting out of bed at midday.

2 Start Work In Our Pj’s…

We’ve all been told that to be productive it’s advisable to put on our work clothes as soon as we get up to put us in the right mindset to start the day. Well, I call bullshit on that. Let’s face it. If I could have worn my pajama’s into the office I would be 100% chilling in my cubicle wearing my cookie monster flannies and uggs, straight up fam.

The whole point of working from home is time productivity and all that jazz. As a female (barely, but still) do you know how long it saves in time when you don’t have to attend to your hair and makeup, find something to wear, iron your clothes etc etc?

To be honest it’s been that long before I’ve even looked in the mirror anymore I wouldn’t even know what colour my hair is. But since my looks have nothing to do with my ability to write an article, it really shouldn’t matter.

3 Turn On The Tv For Just “A Little Bit”….

Oh, the old turn on the tv for “just a second” chestnut. You started the day well, got through some emails, did a few reports and decided to reward yourself by turning on the TV for a little bit. And all of sudden three hours later your nose deep in a Friend’s marathon and what the puck? Is that really the time?

Put down the remote. Slowly step away from the TV. Racheal, Ross and the rest of the gang can wait until the weekend when you’re probably not interested in them again.

4 Go For A Walk….

So after your false start with the whole TV Friends thing you need something to get you focused again and back on track. So you decide to go on a quick walk around the block to clear your head. After getting into your gym clothes, getting your music pumping off you go. You start wondering around the block and you think, oh it’s a nice day I might go a little further. Get to the next block. Oh, might as well keep going. And then all of a sudden you’re hiking the Kokoda trail and end up home a week later.

5 Name Your Pet “Employee Of The Month”….

So you’re finally back sitting on your desk ready to work work work work work. And your loyal cat Whiskers is being the ultimate homie and hanging by your side with you. (On a side note, how weird is that you literally name a cat after a body part? That’s so wild. I’m gonna name my daughter Arm). Anyhoos, so your loyal cat Bodypart is just chilling with you at your desk like they do every day. And then you start to think how mad it is that Whisker hangs with you when they could be off plotting your flatmate’s murder or bullying your dog. What a loyal soldier they are. And then you realise man, my cat’s the best employee ever. Loyal AF. And all of a sudden your printing out an employee of the month poster featuring your cat for her loyalty and framing it to hang above your desk.

8 Stay Up Till Midnight And Get Everything Done…

This is the final stage of the stay at home and work day. The holy shit I’ve procrastinated my whole day, I have a deadline tomorrow and I haven’t actually done anything.

I call this the window of productivity because there’s nothing like a heap of pressure on your shoulders to make you actually achieve in what limited time you have left what you meant to achieve at the start of the day. And because you are lucky enough to work from home you’re not going to throw that out the window either, so you do whatever it takes to get it done.

The best bit about the stay up and cram half the night window is that you are still at home, and you can add a little wine into the mix to make it go a little easier.

Just make sure you spell check your email in the morning before sending it off.

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