Build scalable decentralized applications

Near Protocol is a sharded, proof-of-stake public blockchain, built by a world-class team that has developed some of the world’s only sharded databases at scale. The Near team has worked extensively to understand the problems developers face when trying to access new platforms as well as the usability of layer one protocols. Developers oftentimes are unable to leverage blockchain technology due to slow settlement times and scalability challenges. We at Xpring believe in empowering developers and providing the tools to address the pain of adopting and using blockchain technology.

Near has created a developer focused experience for building decentralized applications…

Secure Smart Contracts

At Xpring we believe the future is interoperable. Data, value and computation will be capable of moving cross chain and applications will need to be supported by interoperable infrastructure. We are actively making investments in this future, which is why we are excited to announce that we have invested in Agoric.

The smart contracts market is growing and Agoric is well positioned to reach a broader market. Agoric enables developers to safely build secure smart contracts and new digital assets that can connect to public and private blockchains. They are focused on creating an interoperable smart contracts platform that is…

The First Interledger Solutions Provider

At Xpring we believe Interledger has the opportunity to be the open standard for moving value across blockchains. We believe the Internet of Value is achieved by enabling more blockchains and applications to integrate with Interledger and increasing the currencies available on the network. Xpring is actively supporting Interledger pioneers and happy to announce that we have invested in Kava.

Kava, the world’s first Interledger solutions provider, is working to integrate companies and blockchains with Interledger. The team has worked on open source plugins for the Bitcoin Lightning Network and Ethereum. These plugins enable BTC, ETH and XRP to be…

At Xpring, we are focused on growing the ecosystems around the Interledger Protocol and XRP Ledger. To do so, we need to work with developers that share our vision of interoperable blockchains and new use cases for XRP.

One of those developers is Wietse Wind. Wietse not only has excellent past experience, but understands the protocols and technical details of both the XRP Ledger and Interledger Protocol.

Wietse is also a leader in the XRP community, where he has dedicated personal time and resources to building projects and developer tools, contributing to the XRP Community Blog, and educating developers at…

A bite-sized newsletter with actionable tips to support the progress of women

The purpose of this newsletter is to empower you to take action in making a better world for women and the men that want to support them. We need better men if we are going to make things better for women, hence the name better (wo)men.

My goal is to have 1 to 2 minutes of your inbox time a week to give you a tip on being a better man to make things better for women. Micro behaviors and subtle changes that are persistent will have a greater impact over time, because we will slowly be moving towards better…

I picked up this beauty when we were clearing out my in laws’ house. I love this onboarding 3.5" floppy disk for AOL. It is a gaming cover with a hero that is psyched to receive his own disk to get on AOL. Users were asked to load a program disk, click File, Run, and type A:\SETUP. This was 1995 and people that were eventually worn down by the AOL marketing campaign actually did it.

Getting people online was work. The early days of the consumer internet needed handholding and one of the most aggressive marketing campaigns in history. We…

The Compliance Platform for Digitizing Securities on Blockchain

At Xpring, decentralized finance continues to be an active area of interest. Decentralization enables permissionless behavior and the freedom to exchange and program value. However, finance is a regulated industry and the movement of assets must comply with regulatory requirements. We believe the tokenization of assets and unlocking liquidity in private markets, such as real estate and company ownership, is a massive opportunity.

This value will only be realized if the assets can be traded and programmed seamlessly to increase volume and liquidity. …

Know the impact of convertible debt at an equity round

Time and again I advise entrepreneurs to be mindful of convertible debt. Notes and SAFEs are very popular, but raising multiple notes hides the amount of dilution an entrepreneur is giving up. I find I need to explain this to every entrepreneur I meet.

When you get to your equity round, all of those notes need to convert at the size of the initial investment plus interest at either the discount or cap price. Based on the better economics of the two options for investors.

Founders need to understand the impact of convertible debt on dilution. At the conversion, common…

Keeping your investors up to date in a structured format helps keep your time free from random inquiries and it forces you to reflect on your progress and needs. Being forced to summarize your wins, challenges and asks helps you plan better for your next goals. As fund managers, we keep to this practice with a structured quarterly update to our LPs. We understand the effort that goes into these updates and realize their benefits as well.

At a high-level portfolio companies should cover the following points:

  1. Short letter to the investors summarizing the stats and number provided signed by…

From beginning to ongoing for a shared success

After closing we will meet with the founders and have a deeper conversation around early goals, what their plans are, and provide feedback.

Depending on the product stage or stage in seed — because yes, it has become that broad — we will provide help in the following formats.

  • If we are first institutional money in the round then the initial focus tends to be on helping with hiring, referring candidates and connecting our companies with functional experts in engineering, design, marketing or anything they might need.
  • If we are investing in a seed or later seed, then it is…

Vanessa Pestritto

Director, xpring @ripple. Investing in blockchain and great teams. Investor@LatticeVC. Former @theNYAngels. Opinions are my own.

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