Random Facts About Myself

1. I HATE taking pills. Any kind, any size.

2. I don’t like spicy foods(due to surgery)

3. I love my beer.

4. I had weight loss surgery 3 years ago.

5. I am in a very serious committed relationship with coffee that will never end

6. My favorite foods are pizza and ice cream

7. I have hyperhydrosis. Overly sweating syndrome. Not many people know this about me and it has been a really big self conscious issue with me my entire life

8. I am way too sensitive

9. My favorite number is 6.

10. My favorite color is purple

11. My zodiac sign is Cancer, the Crab.

12. My nickname is Nessa.

13. I cuss…a lot.

14. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I am the oldest on both sides

15. Butterflies are my spirit creatures

16. I let my guard down a lot

17. I have hereditary acne(it will never ever go away but I can keep it under control)

18. I let people take advantage of me

19. I hate seeing scabs. Biggest pet peeve in the world. Weird, I know.

20. I’ve been twirling my hair since I realized I had hair

21. I love late night talks and walks

22. I hate wearing socks

23. The ocean is my second home

24. I wash my hands way more than the average person

25. I hate people who don’t brush their teeth

26. I will call you out on your shit

27. I love the Paranormal

28. I like to be alone a lot to recollect my thoughts and have time to myself

29. I do smoke cigarettes.

30. I bite my nails.

31. I’m super sexual, and that makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

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