Iris West-Allen, deemed the most powerful person on ‘The Flash’, deemed by the haters themselves.

Candice Patton looking incredibly ethereal as Iris West-Allen on “The Flash”. This is quite frankly, one of the best posters they’ve created for the show.

Central City is about to have a new speedster running about and fightning crime in the city that doesn’t seem to catch a break. The photo above finally showcases a suited Iris West-Allen, a concept that has been hinted at since season two behind the scenes and confirmed a month ago via leaked set photos. Iris eventually suiting up was not a concept that was completely out of the question as she has suited up in the comics before. Similar to the issue in comics (The Flash #22) that grants Iris speed abilities, her acquisition of these powers are temporary and due to the help of Barry Allen; although in the show, Iris will be induced with speed force abilities due to a new bus meta’s antics. To say I am excited for this — is an understatemnet. Candice is a subtly phenomenal actress and I can just imagine her taking the role of being a hero; and really selling it. She looks very much like a superhero and that badass suit just gives that extra “umph” (onomatopoeia; noun ; the formation of a word from a sound assocaited with what is named — literary device).

When the photos first leaked many fans were excited to see this new development that seemed to come out of nowhere, others were curious, others confused, and others… were just outright enraged at the idea. The latter started ranting about how she doesn’t “deserve” the powers, how it isn’t accurate (despite it being a concept in Flash comics and many other comics like Morrison’s ‘All-Star Superman’), how it doesn’t make sense (despite it being one of the less kooky ideas presented on the show); and how they’d even quit the show. I wish I could say such reactions are shocking but considering at how many people turned the, now foreshadowing; methaphoric line of, “ We Are The Flash” into a big debacle and mockery… It’s clear they’re not. Darn those English teachers who couldn’t get some people to fully grasp the use of figurative language, resulting in them getting offended by the use of literary devices years later.

You see, for a while now it has been explicitly showcased, and voiced, that for a part of the Flash fandom — Iris is only good for Barry to have ‘accomplished’ what he has always wanted. And that’s about it. She can’t have a mind of her own, an arc of her own, value herself/have others value her, speak, sneeze, blink, and breathe. It might sound like I’m hyperbolizing (which, figuratively speaking means to exaggerate or create a strong impression, btw) but I promise you — I’m not. For four years, a ceratin part of ‘The Flash’ fandom — an ignorant, misogynistic, and racially-biased part of ‘The Flash’ fandom; has critiqued Iris for her mere existence and held her to unfathomable standards. Not to mention, harrass the actress for things (the most minuscule things) her fictional character does on a fictional show. I won’t get too deep into all of that today but to examplify; Ralph “Elongated Man” Dibny has been the newest addition to the Star Labs crew. He’s being heavily focused on since his introduction in episode four and seems to get even more attention than Barry these days — while each episode of his deals with the reptitive storyline of his doubts on being a true hero. Simultaneously, this season has gained a new leader, Iris West-Allen, who has been shown to be doing a great job at leading the team with her sensibility and authority. She’s had many moments this season to showcase how much of an asset she is but nothing too extensive and of uttmost focus. All of her scenes in one episode, compiled, could range from three to seven minutes (and I think I’m being generous). But that is just too much screen time for the woman who is to be “irrelevant” and does “nothing”. This lack of importance they deem Iris to have is said in the same breath as….

“This is the Iris show now!” Because yes, today the photo of her suited up as a speedster, has people in an unimaginable state of outrage. People are now saying that this season has been all about Iris and that her character just doesn’t make sense. Which is funny because these are, for the most part; the same haters that call themselves ‘Flash purists’, get stupidly excited about (possibly) Dawn Allen showing up, and want Bart Allen (Iris’ grandson) to appear. Things you can’t acquire on the show if Iris doesn’t exist. Unless, they also don’t know that men can’t get pregnant and expect Barry to start ‘The Flash” lineage all on his own. Which, I’d say is ludicrous to say — everyone knows this is impossible… but metaphors and stuff, you know.

Nothing is too inaccurate, wild, or impposible… as long as Iris isn’t a part of it.

Caitlin having a dichotomy of ‘good vs. evil’ due to her abilities, despite meta abilities not affecting any meta human’s personality in such a drastic way, is still believable. (This is really just done because comic books are pretty cheesy at the end of the day and her being ‘cold’ and having ice-based powers - make for clever puns). Even her feeling sad about dead/harmed puppies and turning evil while thinking about that, even though; she can also harm herself (apparently) to also summon her alter ego — is acceptable.

Savitar couldn’t even be properly explained by the writers.

Barry having a murderous time remnant of himself that was “justified” and came about because he felt outcasted — is pretty believable; despite the simplifying of what would de deemed an extremely complex thing (which warranted various theoretical videos on YouTube about his origin and no conclusive answer in said videos) and no prior hints about this coming about eventually. But Iris? No. It just doesn’t make sense. What blasphemy to this ficional and often times inconsistent made believe world to have her acquire Barry’s powers (via the swapping of DNA) through a bus meta… Whom is part (as have all the bus metas have been) of the overall arc of this season and the season’s big bad’s, Clifford “Thinker” DeVoe, plan.

“I HAVE FINALLY QUIT”, they say, as they complain on social media yet still watch because they know deep down it’s really not that serious. Don’t get me wrong, some won’t watch it for realsies because their ‘pride and prejudice’ just won’t let them succumb to, at least, seeing how this turns out and progresses the story. Some people are actually taking time out of their day to wish death upon Iris, tweet Candice their disdain, and complain about this arc; that is literally only lasting one episode as far as they know. Some are even saying that now Barry is being sidelined for Iris despite it being his powers being engrained in her (so he will certainly play a big part in this), he’s been sidelined since Ralph has entered the show, and he is still a big part of this arc as he is switching roles with Iris; guiding her as the leader. I can’t stress enough that it’s just one episode — but I forget, that’s too much focus on Iris. Ten possible season of ‘ The Flash’ and one Iris-focused episode is just too much. Albeit, I’d like to see what would happen if this left any residual abilities after Barry regains his speeed — after all, she is Barry’s lightning rod and that means the speed force connection she has within her, can retain some of Barry’s powers.

Such reactions, although disheartening, due to the clear biases behind such illogical and hateful fixation on Iris for the smallest things; tells me one thing: Iris is the most powerful person in Central City. Because if a character can make some people so mad by just wearing leather and running fast for an episode; can have them wasting data on their phones to go on various social media platforms to complain about the character, and have them polluting the show’s narrative with their unrepresented and chauvinistic bias — then that character must be powerful. If they overlook all the other flaws the show has (which critically speaking, has been a lot in this “rebirth” of the show) and single out Iris for the things she does in five minutes out of a 42-minute long episode; then she must be powerful because she’s getting all the attention from them when it’s not being highlighted. If Cisco not getting any meaty content this season (which is really sucks since Carlos is a great actor and Cisco is such a cool charcter), Caitlin’s powers being a plot device for whatever the arc is for the episode; Wells being MIA for more than half an hour in episodes — and completely gone others… doesn’t bother you… Yet things like Iris accidentally stepping on Ralph in “Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash”, has people talking about her for hours and adding that to their “long list” of how ‘bad’ Iris is, then she must be powerful. Her every move is scrutinized and talked about… People can call that what they want but it’s still investment and therefore, a form of caring to a very high degree — no matter how many negative adjectives they include in their rants.

Say it again Iris, “We Are The Flash”. Literally. At least, for an ‘agonizing’ 42 minutes that will give some people more traction on their social media accounts than ever before, when they go and complain about it online.

Note for the vexed: Just watch the show for what you do like and stop focusing on what you don’t like, if it’s really only Iris that you have a problem with. There are various aspects that you could focus on. You’d also save yourselves some grey hairs.




I’ve been in the professional rambling business all of 20 years, light comics fangirl, and Flash fanatic.

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Vanessa M.B.

Vanessa M.B.

I’ve been in the professional rambling business all of 20 years, light comics fangirl, and Flash fanatic.

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