You are 11/10…times two

Whether we like it or not, the society we live in today is driven by social media. The trends and the people we follow, to some extent, have an impact on who we are. When I was younger, I fed into social media so much! Through that I became so obsessed with being like the girls I saw on my feed, or the celebs that caught my eye; in essence I was slowly diluting the real me. As the real me started disappearing, I was so unsatisfied with who I was and how I looked. But I found my light at the end of the tunnel. I remember I was away on holiday and I met this girl and we hit it off. She told me her story of self-discovery and how she was on a rocky road but she found who she really was and EMBRACED it! Within her story I found so many hidden gems, that just prompted me to think back to all the times I put myself down, and better yet rise from that. So my point here is, LOVE YOURSELF! Like Biggie said, “took my life from negative to positive, and its all good.” I went from bashing my self to looking at myself and saying “You are 11/10…times two.”

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