Which one are you?

I meet a lot of people from all walks of life doing the work that I do.

But regardless of personality type or disposition, I’ve noticed one common thing in human beings.

People either fall into two categories:


What’s the difference between the two?

Action takers are interested in making change happen within themselves and in the world.

Contemplators are those who idly think and talk about making change to themselves and in the world and mostly never do.

I LOVE working with people who are hungry for personal and global transformation.

Those who are ready to face their deepest fears and explore uncharted territories within themselves and in their relationships.

They want to be challenged and pushed to their edge.

They are excited to work toward their dream life and make the inspired moves to create that as their reality.

I am always excited to work with action takers who place a bet on themselves and are tired of settling for a mediocre existence full of fear and stagnation or a life they aren’t fully in love with.

Contemplators are my least favorite to connect with. And I specifically don’t work with these kinds of people because they aren’t ready to change no matter how much they think or say they are.

I find contemplators more interested in hearing their own voice reiterating what isn’t working in their lives or convincing themselves (and me) that things “aren’t that bad.” And they have no real intention to do anything about it.

They are truly happy staying where they’re at. Discussing their problems over and over again for weeks, months and years.

The fear of change is greater than the reward of their transformation.

And because they are OK settling with the life and choices they’ve made, they rarely, if ever, invest in or take a bet on themselves to transform their lives or the world.

How do I know about all this?

Because I used to be a contemplator myself. I used to talk to myself and dream to my friends and family about all the things that I wanted to change in my life.

The people who want to make a difference in their own backyard or out in the world aren’t contemplators.


So if you want something in your life or in the world to be different, sitting around and talking about it won’t get you anywhere or make anything different.

You have to make the choice to DO it. And work toward it.

The reality is that nothing changes until something changes.

Let that change be your actions, not just your thoughts.