Do You Lose Your Cool In Love?

Do you become a different person when you’re in a relationship? Or as soon as you start dating someone new?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that when you’re single and on your own, you’ve got it goin’ on.

You feel balanced.
You take better care of yourself. You feel confident.
And more in control.

Then you meet someone, you fall in love (or in lust) and BAM! All hell breaks loose!

You become out of balance.
You stop doing the things you love.
Your confidence plummets.
You fall into habits that you know aren’t good for you.
And you find yourself doing things you wouldn’t dare confess to even your closest girlfriend.

You feel out of control.

“What has happened to me?!” You ask yourself.

This used to happen to me.


I would feel on top of the world on my own. As if all my shit was together. And then I’d meet a guy, we’d date or get into a monogamous relationship and it was as if everything would start to implode!

Literally within a few dates or months of knowing each other things would go completely downhill.

I’d find myself spending most of my time in my head caught up in a loop of stories about the guy and our relationship.
I would second guess myself a lot.
Or feel as though I couldn’t trust the guy.
I’d start to get really insecure about myself.

Instead of “love” leaving me feeling better about myself, I felt worse!

So after years of my own research, inner work and helping people out in this this area professionalIy, I finally got it.

Here’s the inside scoop:

Relationships are probably one of the most — if not the most IMPORTANT element in our human experience.

Romantic relationships
and dating have a way of bringing to the surface anything and everything that hasn’t been resolved or healed within you.

It’s your greatest button pusher. And an indicator of the lessons that you have not yet completed or learned.

Your relationship with your partner or people you date is a TEACHER that has come into your life to help you to learn and grow more fully.

The problem is, is that you remain stuck and stagnant in relationships because you haven’t learned those lessons.

And if you keep repeating the same kinds of relationships and dating experiences over and over again it’s most likely because you still haven’t fully learned the particular lessons that relationship is bringing up for you.

As a result you remain in unhealthy, unsatisfying and unloving relationships and dating experiences A LOT longer than you need to, blaming your partner or date for your pain or feeling like a victim to your circumstances.

Relationships are not a fairy tale.

They can feel like that at certain points and times. But certainly not all the time. They aren’t meant to be that way. That isn’t why you have them. Or their purpose.

And it doesn’t matter how attractive.
Well educated.
Or wealthy you are.

You often become a different person because romantic relationships have a way of showing you your edge and what you’re hiding from within yourself.

When you’re single or on your own, it doesn’t quite have the same affect. You can’t see your own blind spots. You’re comfortable.

You absolutely can still learn and evolve on your own but it’s different.

Learning about relationships from a holistic and spiritual perspective is key to moving beyond the typical advice that society hands down to you.

If you’re tired of becoming a different person when you date.

If you can’t stand who you turn into when you’re in a relationship.

If you want to develop deeper intimacy. Understanding. Have hotter sex. And really use your relationship to help you become the fullest version of yourself.

Or you feel like you keep repeating the same lessons and patterns (that aren’t enjoyable) and you want to break free from them.

Reach out to me personally.

But ONLY if you’re:

Serious and committed to your growth and getting to the root of your issues.
Have the finances to invest in yourself.
And are truly ready to have a passionate, loving and fun love life.

I’m not here to give you advice. I’m here to help you completely transform the person you are in your romantic life.

If that’s YOU and you’re willing to take the first step, click here to find out more.


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