Yesterday I went on the hunt for a new hairstylist out here in Los Angeles.

I walked into a modern and stylish salon to check out their rates and get some information.

After being welcomed by a lovely woman at the front desk I asked her what the rate was for a haircut.

“Our haircuts start at $95 with a brand new stylist and go up to $300 with our director.”


After our interaction it got me thinking about what people value spending their money on.

Many of you reading this (including myself) would probably have NO problem paying top dollar for a new hairstyle at a cool salon by a top hairstylist.

Naturally you’re the type of person who values how you look. And your appearance matters.

Replace the haircut example with other items in life such as dinners out, social events, clothing, shoes, vacations, accessories, alcohol, gifts etc and most of you probably don’t think twice at the amount you spend on these things each month.

Again you value not just your appearance but the experiences you have each day.

But it never ceases to amaze me how many people want to nickel and dime themselves when it comes to getting out of their pain or working on making their dreams come true.

“That’s really expensive.”

“I can’t afford it.”

“That’s not in my budget.”

For many it is true. They honestly can’t. I get that and respect that. And that is ok.

Investing in a service such as relationship or life coaching can be considered a high-end service. And it certainly isn’t a fit for everyone.

But for plenty of you reading this that is not the case. You CAN afford it.

You just don’t prioritize yourself or your inner transformation in a way that you find valuable.

It all depends on what you value. If you think you’re worth it, you want to get out of the pain your choices have created AND have the relationships and life you dream of, you’ll take a bet on yourself and invest in YOU.

You won’t waste another dollar on frivolous items that are acting as a band-aid or an escape to your life.

I can speak from personal experience as both a coach and a client (coaches have coaches, too, btw), I’ve learned this to be true for many years now.

And because of it I also know that every single dollar you invest in your inner transformation will come back to you ten-fold. And it will be worth way more than what money can ever buy.

Your fancy haircut won’t make a single difference if your walking around with a frown on your face, an ache in your heart and walking to a job you hate.

With Love,

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