Response to Design Thinking

People usually associate design with Graphic and 2D design where designers make websites or pictures aethestically pleasing. However, this is only a little of what design actually encompasses. Thomas Edison, a revolutionary scientist, exemplified the definition of designing. Design is a process that combines art, science, economics and fundamental understanding of the customers and market. After hundreds of trials, Edison finds the right kind of material for the light bulb in consideration of the affordability of its customers. He makes inventions for the need of potential market.

Another important thing that matters in design is Human Centered Approach. Designing a product is not only about how beautiful a product looks, but also about its functionality. In the IDEO video, the designers took this approach and developed several prototypes caring the needs of the customers: what problems might they encounter? Could this product suit the needs of babies, adults and elders? Only through these careful considerations along with amazing looking, a perfect product could be produced which satisfy the users both emotionally and physically.