Response to Software UI Design

After reading three of the articles, I found multiple similar topics that have been raised by these authors:

  • Joshua Porter and Jane Portman’s article both stress the importance of clarity in the very first line. Everything should be presented in a clear and easily understandable way to the audience. Therefore, audience will quickly figure out and get used to the interface.
  • Ben Shneiderman and Joshua Porter’s article both emphasize “keep users in control”. They hold the view that giving user the power of the interface and making it respond to their actions.
  • Three articles all highlight the importance of consistency. Keeping the sequences of actions consistent throughout is very important. Elements with same behavior should be consistent.

For the second part of the answer, I chose Apple’s website. Their website design has fulfilled almost every criteria mentioned in these articles. First, the clarity has been portayed in every element on their website. The navigation layout is concise. Different forms of products have been listed out clearly on the top along with the searching bar on the top right. The design is very understandable and simple.

Second, “Reduce short memory load” mentioned in Ben’s article has also been fulfilled in every page of their products. As people might expect, after clicking in “MacBook”, the information that pops up at first sight should be numerous proof of its excellent CPU, Retina Screen or processors. However, the first thing at sight is actually one image of the computer. Apple designers totally understood the fact that human’s limited capacity for processing information. That is why they chose to show these excellent datas in a descriptive and memorable video.

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