To you and your health during a time of world-crisis

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Today, I had a recurring thought: Your immune system starts in the gut.

You want to feel reassured that you’re doing everything you can for your body, your kids/family’s health and well-being in these times?

Love yourself from the inside out.

You don’t need a gym, the world to be ‘normal’ (whatever that is), or for you to have motivation to do what you know you MUST to stay healthy, well and connected to what’s going on in your body.

THAT state + vibe, are a choice.

Don’t obsess over vitamin C, only.

Don’t bitch and moan and cop-out because the workout group or gym is in social-distancing. …

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You can’t control every thought that comes in.

Even the best mindset experts can’t tell you how to stop negative and disempowering thoughts altogether because it’s impossible.

You can’t know, in advance when something negative is going to pop up, and lead you down the path to fear, doubt, resistance, laziness, and everything else that results from allowing your thoughts to run free.

We weren’t designed with mental warning systems. We were deigned to run on subconscious programming created from thousands of past decisions we’ve made since the time we were children until now.

And, everyday, we automatically make these decisions without giving them a second thought or glance because, well, that’s just the way we’ve always done it. …

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Earlier today, a familiar and sneaky little voice popped into my head and loudly asked WHY?

WHY isn’t all this enough for you?

WHY is it never enough?

WHY do you always have to push for more?

WHY are you always stirring the pot?

WHY do you unnecessarily challenge yourself?

WHY can’t you be satisfied and happy with normal?

WHY can’t all this JUST be enough?

My life isn’t perfect, but I am always looking to grow and improve, inside and out. …


Vanessa Rende

Author, Speaker & Mentor at

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