5 Essential Oils That Help Me Thrive

As an Entrepreneur, Wife and Mom

Photo by Andrew Branch on Unsplash

As a serial entrepreneur and lover of all things natural, I am passionate about a lot of things. I have spent the past four years eliminating toxic chemicals from the foods and products my family and I use. With that process came a beautiful journey into essential oils.

Last year, I fine-tuned my essential oil education to ramp-up how I used them in my business and life. I took a certification course and my health and business have never been the same.Essential oils are a part of my daily life as an entrepreneur, wife and mom. I start with a few drops of some of my favorite oils in my morning detox drink and usually have something diffusing and something on my skin with essential oils in it throughout the day. Most of my cleaning supplies and body and beauty products are made with essential oil blends.

I have seen a dramatic boost in productivity, clarity, focus and success due to the infusion of a consistent morning and evening mindset routine, coupled with essential oils. From stabilizing a thyroid issue to helping with anxiety, weight loss, skin and hair issues and more, essential oils (paired with tons of mindset work) have helped me thrive in every aspect of my life and business.

So what are these miracle essential oils that I speak of that have brought me so much balance, health, productivity and success? I’m about to tell you, but you should know that if I were to write about every single oil that I love, we’d be here a while.

So, these are my top picks, my almost every day go-to oils that you can consider even if you’ve never used essential oils before. I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. I am a business consultant to entrepreneurs who loves natural living and everything God created for our use.

1) Frankincense: This ancient oil has the power to diminish stress, calm anxiety, quite the mind, increase focus and connect the mind and body unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I put it into my perfumes, face creams, soaps and lotions. I also diffuse is daily with other oils. I can’t get enough of it. It’s said to kill cancer, too, but do your own research before taking my word for it.

2) Lavender: This is such a versatile essential oil. I use it daily. It helps with my allergies, it calms me and has a soothing effect on the nervous system that helps with stress, anxiety and insomnia. This is usually in my diffuser mixed with some other miracle oil. I especially love difusing it when I am on consulting calls as it provides me with a lot of mental and emotional clarity that allows me to better serve my clients.

3) Lemon: Every morning I have a detox drink that includes apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, and three essential oils. Lemon is one of those three oils. Not only is it a great detoxifier, but it promotes concentration and clarity in situations where I may feel anxious, down or even upset. It is also anti-bacterial, so I use it in a few of my home-made cleaning products. Finally, it smells amazingly crisp, clean and natural.

4) Peppermint: Peppermint can be found not only in my hand soaps and lip butters, but also in my diffuser. I love to diffuse it when I am brainstorming and working with my mastermind groups because its such a hit with almost everyone I know. Who doesn’t love peppermint?

5) Clary Sage: As a woman, this essential oil has been a life saver. I won’t even get into its reproductive and endocrine system benefits, but the list for its psychological and emotional impacts also goes on. This almost euphoric oil is extremely calming, good for mental fatigue, nerves, anxiety, insomnia, depression, exhaustion from overwork, and stress (like I said, I can go on!). And I list these from my own experience.

You may have heard that mindset is everything. And that is true. But what happens to you, your life and business when you have a consistent daily mindset practiced coupled with powerful essential oils is nothing short of miraculous. If you haven’t already started using essential oils, I highly recommend it as an aide to unlock the full potential of your mind-body connection. There are a few reputable essential oil companies with quality grade oils that you can trust. I am not a distributor for any essential oil company, I don’t sell any oils. However, I recommend that if you’re starting out you look at DoTerra or Young Living. Both are well-respected companies with quality oils. Do your research and make sure you choose a company that you trust.

You’ll be amazed at all the oil uses you’ll find for everything in life and biz. Your mind, body, and future self will thank you for it.

Vanessa Rende is a Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Writer with over 12 years experience helping businesses and entrepreneurs across the globe grow, starting with the leadership from the inside out. She is the founder of The Launch Room Mastermind, a membership community for personal excellence, mindset mastery and innovative business strategies. You can find her on social media most active on Facebook and Instagram.