Select * FROM Beauty;

I like all types of makeup but I always find myself hanging out in the lip section. Lip liner, lipsticks, glosses and that one tube of chapstick I can never seem to finish overflow my acrylic containers. It didn’t occur to me that I may have too many until I inadvertently purchased duplicate shades. (I should note I tend to veer towards the nudes and berries.) While I have no qualms having backups of some of my favorite shades, lipsticks have a two year shelf life and I’m not the gal that enjoys wasting money. I figured I should keep track of the lip products in my collection since I purchase lip products often. I thought I’d throw them on a spreadsheet but I’m a database kid so I figured I’d build one.

I spent a significant amount of time thinking about my database schema. I scribbled down table names, fields, and relationships and quickly realized I needed a bit of help so I went to the only place filled with those more experienced with makeup than I — /r/makeupaddiction. I’ve been a subscriber since I’ve had a reddit account and that subreddit changed my makeup game. Granted, it’s still possible for me to walk out the door with uneven eyeliner or looking like a panda but hey-progress right? With a quick search, I fell onto a plethora of spreadsheets that had fields I hadn’t even thought of. I made notes and pulled out the white board.

After multiple versions of a schema, I decided to just build it. I fired up pythonanywhere, launched a new MySQL console, named it beauty and got to work. I chose pythonanywhere because it’s free and it’s in the cloud so accessible the next time I find myself pacing the aisle of a drugstore debating whether I need yet another sheer berry shade. I settled on Lips as a table name because I’m so creative, ha. BrandName, Product, Shade, Price, Color and Finish were my attributes. I began filling in my table and realized how many lipsticks I have. With that, I realized I probably didn’t need the price attribute. Who wants to be reminded they spent $24 on a few ounces of product anyways?

Twenty seven lipsticks later, I decided why not expand this to include my entire makeup collection. I’m hoping to add tables in the coming weeks that contain my face primers, foundations, blushes, bronzers, eyeshadow palettes and mascara. I definitely have a collection of things I use to look like I got eight plus hours of sleep.

A tiny snippet of what is currently in my collection and yes, Bite Beauty happens to be one of my favorite brands.