Amazon is one of the significant forces digitalizing our world and redefining Customer Experience. According to Statista 37 % of online sales in the US are on Amazon, with predications of 50 % for 2021.

Commonly, people think design has to be beautiful and minimalistic. Amazon’s true customer obsession, a ‘Culture of Metrics’ and test-driven approach, proofs to be immensely impactful by CX metrics: 95 % of Prime members say they will “probably” or “definitely” stay.

Over the last twenty years, the company has built an ecosystem that changes consumer behavior and sets the bar for expectations.

The experience loops…

“Voice of the Customer” panel of Hult Alumni at Pirelli, Milan, Italy

Wow! There is a new mail in my inbox saying “Re: Available to join me for a session at Pirelli in Milan October 10?”. Sender: Mike Grandinetti.

Three weeks later, I arrived with my hand luggage at Milan Bergamo airport, equipped with two power banks, my MacBook and lots of enthusiasm. I was super excited to be part of Prof. Mike’s Innovation workshop with Pirelli and to see how he brings innovation from the classroom to top managers and corporate structures. Pirelli is one of Italians heritage luxury brands, founded in 1872. The multinational tire company is not only famous…

Vanessa Rosenthal

Strategist & Maker I Venture Design, Products & Social Impact.

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