Amazon — the most well designed digital experience in the world?

Vanessa Rosenthal
May 4, 2018 · 3 min read

Amazon is one of the significant forces digitalizing our world and redefining Customer Experience. According to Statista 37 % of online sales in the US are on Amazon, with predications of 50 % for 2021.

Commonly, people think design has to be beautiful and minimalistic. Amazon’s true customer obsession, a ‘Culture of Metrics’ and test-driven approach, proofs to be immensely impactful by CX metrics: 95 % of Prime members say they will “probably” or “definitely” stay.

Over the last twenty years, the company has built an ecosystem that changes consumer behavior and sets the bar for expectations.

The experience loops concept explains the strategy behind transformational products like Amazon and Uber:

loop 1: service diffusion, transforms expectations

loop 2: service experience, transforms user behavior

loop 3: service co-creation, transforms supply chain

The experience loop shows a six steps process on how transformational products are able to change consumer expectations and decisions. Source: Transformational products by Matthias Schrader

Personally, I think Amazon is the most well designed digital experience in the world right now, because the company’s ecosystem strategy goes beyond customer experiences. Amazon shapes markets, expanding its reach from the digital-world to physical spaces:

(1) Amazon Go the first ever cashier-less grocery, a new era of store experience.

(2)Alexa/Echo creates an on-demand, personalized, signature experience in our private life, our homes.

Amazon’s, Uber’s and Tesla’s transformational products redefine product categories and transform markets. Source: Transformational products by Matthias Schrader

How can Amazon’s design experience become even better?

Excellent design creates opportunities beyond extraordinary product strategies and ecosystems — connection on an emotional level.

With Echo, Amazon made the step into our private life, but the future of voice interfaces is competitive. Personal connections will become key. Can Amazon find the perfect mix between algorthym and emotions?

Design influences decision making. I see it as a superpower that comes with a responsibility for ethics.

It seems like Amazon is able to hide its questionable ethics about tax status and carbon footprint up, but it has to address its image at some point.

Will we see some sustainable operation concepts like circular economy, in the near future?

There are already companies out there like addicted products, who invent robot toaster and other household gadgets that talk to each other and sell themselves when not being used. Or IDEO’s Use Me / Lose Me usage-monitoring service where gadgets list itself on eBay.

Let’s rethink commerce with true customer & social obsession, Amazon!

What do you think is the most well designed digital experience in the world right now?

What do you like about it? If you could make it even better, what would you do?

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