White women are the happiest, healthiest, wealthiest women in the world, and they just can’t stop…
Clint Irwin

I’m in no way complaining about being happy and healthy. Now, wealthy I’m not sure I’d use as an adjective. But, I made myself happy and healthy and that takes work. I am not asking society to cow-tow to me and spin things in my favor. I do ask that playing fields are even and I do find it perfectly acceptable to ask to be reassured that turning a man down will not result in my healthy, happy body being found in a corn field.

I don’t hate aggressive guys. I love RESPECTFUL alpha males. Love them. And I certainly hope that you are not saying non-white women as a whole are more tolerant or oafish, slovenly and unwanted advances. This has nothing to do with race and you are painting a broad brush stroke there.

Women have the right to be safe. Period.

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