Track your DPD parcel through parcel delivery assistant for Amazon Echo

track DPD packages

DPD is the largest European shipping company. It’s delivery network can be reached to 230 countries in the world. Every day, there are four million parcels dispatched by over 60,000 employees. With such large delivery quantity, the needs to track DPD packages are also big.

In the past, to track packages, people usually tend to go to TrackingMore or DPD official website to track its DPD packages. Today, another tracking method just launched by DPD. That is the parcel delivery assistant for Amazon Echo. With the delivery assistant, users can know the delivery date of their parcel, the remaining stops the parcel courier still has to make, and where they can find their nearest parcel shop. Users can get the detailed info about a DPD parcel by this voice-activated parcel application. For example, they can perform: “Alexa, ask DPD: where is my parcel?” Alexa’s answer could then be: “The status of your parcel is: out for delivery. It will arrive today between 16:26 and 17:26”. In the course of the delivery this predicted time window even runs down to 30 minutes. This application is connected to DPD Parcel Navigator to acquire more exact parcel tracking details. When using it, users need to sign in Parcel Navigator first. m